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The Continuing Transgression of the Absolute Truth


This presentation is first and foremost not an action that is designed to specifically target the BBT and ISKCON leadership regarding their illegal and immoral tampering of SrilaPrabhupadas books. It is a presentation in the defence of my guru maharaja His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, this action is my duty. Whatever Krsna has said in His Gita and whatever SrilaPrabhupada has written in his Gita is applicable in any age.  The BBT and ISKCON leadership have not written any commentaries on SrilaPrabhupadas books yet continue to construct elaborate presentations of changes to those books based on their belief that their changes to his and Krsnas books are as authoritative as writing their own commentaries. Those commentaries would reveal a more comprehensive and honest understanding of the works of Krsna and SrilaPrabhupada to their readers and would encourage others to read SrilaPrabhupadas original books while expanding their own understandings of this Krsna consciousness philosophy. That is leading by example and that example is obviously absent within the leadership of the BBT and ISKCON therefore they are not world leaders of the Krishna consciousness movement. The inadequacy of that particular aspect of leadership is clear indication not only of a serious shortcoming of the understanding and appreciation of Krsna’s and SrilaPrabhupadas books but a clear indication of direct targeting of the very foundations of the Hare Krsna movement to its detriment.
Since the leadership of the BBT and ISKCON have concluded (by the very ongoing acts of illegal book revisions) that the complete literary works of their founder acharya His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada are material as opposed to transcendental literatures, their silent conclusion therefore is that the entire works of SrilaPrabhupada are not from the energies of Krsna. This conclusion is based on their materialistic revisionist ideology that does not recognise that SrilaPrabhupadas books exist as a result of the transformation of the Absolute Truth. This ideology is directly linked to the same theory proposed by SripadSankarcharya.

Those of SrilaPrabhupadas disciples and followers who believe and realise that SrilaPrabhupadas books were transformed directly from Krsna are considered by the leadership of the BBT and ISKCON to be suffering from illusion. The widely held notion that the BBT and ISKCON leadership are as academically and spiritually qualified as SrilaPrabhupada is their illusion. Their followers and supporters knowingly or unknowingly accept this propagated illusion to their spiritual and material detriment. Continuing to think, feel and act within their illusion, the BBT and ISKCON leadership confirm their arrogant belief that they are one with SrilaPrabhupada and Krsna. This BBT and ISKCON leadership position regarding the ongoing illegal changes to SrilaPrabhupadas books reflects the same ideology as that of the great Mayavadi guru SripadSankaracharya, which is an atheistic ideology. SrilaPrabhupadas original pre 1978 books, printed and bound are the conclusion to the transformation of the Absolute Truth.

It is not that those Mayavadis SrilaPrabhupada speaks of exist only in the past, they are spoken of in order to reveal to the readers a warning with evidence and advice to be followed. This was given to us in order to recognise that Mayavadi activity is in the midst of the BBT and ISKCON, to take decisive counter measures, and to re-establish the original works of Krsna and SrilaPrabhupada. SrilaPrabhupadas disciples and followers are engaged in this action as we speak.

The BBT does not explain their challenges to SrilaPrabhupadas original books and other writings for the supposed benefit of the Hare Krsna society or the world as a whole. That challenge and understanding they do not have, if they do they do not share it so they leave their followers and world readers blind to understanding the difference between what they claim is a much improved version of SrilaPrabhupadas works and his original works. Indeed his original works are not even presented so that the reader may know that they even existed or exist. So we can conclude two things. They do not understand themselves why they are changing what they are changing or they do not want the world to understand what they understand. Both of these positions are the positions of those who steal by stealth.   Text 121 of the 7th chapter of the Adi-lila CC on paragraph two SrilaPrabhupada explains enough to write a book in itself that: ( one should read this whole text )

"For example, a father is one fact, and a son generated from the father is another fact. Thus both of them are truths, although one is generated from the other. This generation of a second truth, independent truth from a first truth is called vicara, or transformation resulting in a by-product." So the whole of ISKCON and the BBT leadership have been going down a blind alley, instead of looking for the opportunity to correct so called mistakes they should have been absorbing truths and realizations from SrilaPrabhupadas writings, making commentaries and expanding on his writings with their loving understanding of his most glorious works. By this time since the changes started some 35 to 40 years ago there would have been libraries of books based on realizations from SrilaPrabhupadas books by his disciples. Where are they?  It was and is their lack of faith in the spiritual master and Krsna that has left them in that blind alley. So, the present devotees will write their books and commentaries based on SrilaPrabhupadas original writings leaving the BT and ISKCON to continue with their naval gazing. The continued illegal book revisions will stop, however their continuation is a clear indication that the BBT and ISKCON leadership have not and do not recognise that SrilaPrabhupadas and Krsnas books are a direct transformation of the Absolute Truth. They therefore do not recognise Krsna as the Supreme Personality of Godhead or SrilaPrabhupada as His representative.

SrilaPrabhupadas and Krsnas books are the transformation of the Absolute Truth.


TEXT 121

vyāserasūtretekahe ’pariṇāma’-vāda
’vyāsabhrānta’--bali’ tārauṭhāilavivāda


vyāsera—of ŚrīlaVyāsadeva; sūtrete—in the aphorisms; kahe—describes; pariṇāma—transformation; vāda—philosophy; vyāsa—ŚrīlaVyāsadeva; bhrānta—mistaken; bali’-accusing him; tāra—his; uṭhāila—raised; vivāda—opposition.


"In his Vedānta-sūtraŚrīlaVyāsadeva has described that everything is but a transformation of the energy of the Lord. Śaṅkarācārya, however, has misled the world by commenting that Vyāsadeva was mistaken. Thus he has raised great opposition to theism throughout the entire world.
Page 115 of the Purport SrilaPrabhupada and Krsna says: “Not believing in the fact that the energy of the Absolute Truth is transformed, Śaṅkarācārya has propounded his theory of illusion. This theory states that although the Absolute Truth is never transformed, we think that it is transformed, which is an illusion.Śaṅkarācārya does not believe in the transformation of the energy of the Absolute Truth, for he claims that everything is one and that the living entity is therefore also one with the Supreme. This is the Māyāvāda theory.”
For the leadership of the BBT and ISKCON to conclude, still to this day that all of SrilaPrabhupadas books need their immediate attention due to grammatical and philosophical faults is extremely blasphemous to Krsna and SrilaPrabhupada.
From the Purport of Text 121 on page 117 SrilaPrabhupada and Krsna say: “It is therefore to be concluded that Śaṅkarācārya, in order to present the Supreme Lord, the living entities and the material nature as indivisible and ignorant, tries to cover the glories of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He maintains that the material cosmic manifestation is mithyā, or false, but this is a great blunder. If the Supreme Personality of Godhead is a fact, how can His creation be false? Even in ordinary dealings, one cannot think the material cosmic manifestation to be false. Therefore Vaiṣṇava philosophers say that the cosmic creation is not false but temporary. It is separated from the Supreme Personality of Godhead, but since it is wonderfully created by the energy of the Lord, to say that it is false is blasphemous.”

SrilaPrabhupada and Krsna have never made any so called literary mistakes in regards to their collaboration in producing SrilaPrabhupadasbooks . For that matter they have not made any mistakes of any kind. SrilaJivaGoswami proves this from his Paramatma-sandarba: Purport to  Chapter 7  Text 122 Adi-lia page 118.  “ŚrīlaJīvaGosvāmī, in his Paramātma-sandarbha, comments regarding the vivarta-vāda as follows: “Under the spell of vivarta-vāda one imagines the separate entities, namely, the cosmic manifestation and the living entities, to be one with Brahman. This is due to complete ignorance regarding the actual fact. The Absolute Truth, or Parabrahman, is always one and always the same. He is completely free from all other conceptions of existence. He is completely free from false ego, for He is the full spiritual identity. It is absolutely impossible for Him to be subjected to ignorance and fall under the spell of a misconception (vivarta-vāda). The Absolute Truth is beyond our conception. One must admit that He has unblemished qualities that He does not share with every living entity. He is never tainted in the slightest degree by the flaws of ordinary living beings. Everyone must therefore understand the Absolute Truth to possess inconceivable potencies.”  From Text 127 of the Adi-lila Chapter 7 on page 121 from the purport SrilaPrabhupada and Krsna teach us and give us a further understanding and appreciation of the very serious damage being done by the BBT and ISKCON leadership not only to SrilaPrabhupadas and Krsnas books but to the Hare Krishna movement as a whole.

“The falsity of ŚrīpādaŚaṅkarācārya’s explanation of vivarta-vāda and pariṇāma-vāda has been detected by the Vaiṣṇavaācāryas, especially JīvaGosvāmī, whose opinion is that actually Śaṅkara did not understand the Vedānta-sūtra. In Śaṅkara’s explanation of one sūtra, ānanda-mayo ’bhyāsāt, he has interpreted the affix mayaṭ with such word jugglery that this very explanation proves that he had little knowledge of the Vedānta-sūtra but simply wanted to support his impersonalism through the aphorisms of the Vedānta philosophy. Actually, however, he failed to do so because he could not put forward strong arguments. In this connection, ŚrīlaJīvaGosvāmī cites the phrase brahma pucchaṁpratiṣṭhā (TaittirīyaUpaniṣad 2.5), which gives Vedic evidence that Brahman is the origin of everything. In explaining this verse, ŚrīpādaŚakarācārya interpreted various Sanskrit words in such a way that he implied, according to JīvaGosvāmī, that Vyāsadeva had very little knowledge of higher logic. Such unscrupulous deviation from the real meaning of the Vedānta-sūtra has created a class of men who by word jugglery try to derive various indirect meanings from the Vedic literatures, especially the Bhagavad-gītā. One of them has even explained that the word kuruketra refers to the body. Such interpretations imply, however, that neither Lord Kṛṣṇa nor Vyāsadeva had a proper sense of word usage or etymological adjustment. They lead one to assume that since Lord Kṛṣṇa could not personally sense the meaning of what He was speaking and Vyāsadeva did not know the meaning of what he was writing, Lord Kṛṣṇa left His book to be explained later by the Māyāvādīs. Such interpretations merely prove, however, that their proponents have very little philosophical sense.
( Etymologically means in an etymological manner or according to etymology. Etymology is the study of the sources of words as well as their development)

Krsna and SrilaPrabhupada quote directly from sastra a timeless truth.
 These books presented by Krsna and SrilaPrabhupada reveal all truths that are applicable to any circumstance in one’s life. The circumstance in this case is illegal and nonsensical book changes.
“We quote Vedic evidence to support our statements, but if we interpret it according to our own judgment, the authority of the Vedic literature is rendered imperfect or useless. In other words, by interpreting the Vedic version one minimizes the value of Vedic evidence. When one quotes from Vedic literature, it is understood that the quotations are authoritative. How can one bring the authority under his own control? That is a case of principiisobsta.” 

principiisobsta  means “resist the beginnings”  SrilaPrabhupada and Krsna books are self-evident Vedic scriptures and the BBT and ISKCON leadership continue to resist the beginnings.
In all of my other books-SrimadBhagavatam, Sri Isopanisad, etc-the system is that I give the original verse, it’s English transliterations, word-for-word Sanskrit English equivalents, translations and purports. This makes the book very authentic and scholarly and makes the meaning self evident.
Preface to Bhagavad Gita

Therefore it is evident that the BBT and ISKCON leadership are continuing their transgression of the Absolute Truth.

Truths generate new truths and realizations. As SrilaPrabhupada said.  So for all of us to move ahead of the bad affects of the BBT and ISKCON leadership  we must take and share with the world SrilaPabhupadas advice. Chapter 7 page 113 purport to text 120 of the Adi-lila last paragraph.." Therefore the Hare Krsna movement or Krsna consciousness movement is the only light for the foolish living entities who think either that there is no God or that if God exists he is formless and they themselves are also God. These misconceptions are very dangerous, and the only way to counteract them is to spread the Hare Krsna movement"



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