Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Prabhupadanugas Mexico Report

Share with the group Sunday invited us to his house in the country President Eduardo THE PERLITOS Foundation, we were 12 people and the idea was to spend the day in the field and make a vegetarian paella, we arrived at 11 am and put food in the fridge and went to bathe in the pool, then we started to cook the paella, always breathed an atmosphere of peace, brotherhood and kindness, exquisite paella came as chefs put a lot of love, one of the cooks told us that when she was cooking was praying to God to come out good paella, we see that God heard this prayer and the paella came out first class and everyone was very satisfied. I remember before eating all thanked God for all the food and all the abundance that gives us, and I said that these foods are free of karma, because here there had been no violence. After lunch we took a walk around the field and then we met in Eduardo's house to talk about spiritual things, I played the theme that God is a very intelligent and very gracious and gave us this was a very simple process yet sublime that is chanting the holy names of God, God is in a plane and that means all their holy names, forms, qualities and pastimes are no different than the same, so by chanting Hare Krishna I live with God, I connect with God, and when the soul is purified naturally appear in their heart of God forms, qualities and pastimes. All we parted with much affection and eager to meet again to talk about spiritual things, and feed the soul.

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