Thursday, 25 July 2013

Servant of Maya or Krsna?

730723BG.LON                   Lectures                 
Say, a typewriter. So if you send the typewriter to the
heaven, what does it mean? It is to be worked as typewriter. Does it
mean because it has gone to heaven, the work has changed? No. The work
will continue. Either in this hell or heaven, typewriter will kat,
kat, kat, kat. That's all.
 Similarly, our position is servant. If you
don't become servant of Krsna, then you serve, you become servant of
your wife, your children, your relative, your country, your nation,
your dog
. At last, if you have no family, then you become servant of
your dog. You know in your country it is very usual. If he has nobody,
then he keeps a dog, and takes it on the street. His dog passes stool,
and he is standing, waiting: "Yes, sir. You pass your stool, I am
waiting." Just see. It is practical. If you don't become servant of
Krsna, then you have to become servant of the dog. This is nature's
way. Therefore intelligent person will take lesson from it, that "I
have to become servant. Why not become Krsna's servant? Then I will be
happy. There are so many Krsna's servants. They are so happy. Why
shall I remain the servant of the maya?"
70-07-18.Tri            Letter: Tribhuvanatha          
   I am very glad to know that you have been staying for some months
at our London Temple in the association of our devotees. This is
certainly the most fortunate company for you and I know that if you
maintain the association of devotees your life will be happy and
perfect. That is the version of the sastra that the most important
thing for spiritual realization is the company of realized souls or
pure devotees of the Lord

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