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"We are not painting the tin car"-SP

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Madhava: Can we say that the living entity is there, and that he is
the one that makes the molecules and the atoms come together to form a
just like the scientists give explanation? No? We can't?
Prabhupada: No. Because the living entity is there for the formation
of his body, so many things are going on, action and reaction of the
That's all. That is depending on his desires. It is so subtle
. He is desiring, and action, reaction is going on
And as soon as the living entity is not there, these action and reaction will
So they are trying to find out the missing thing. That missing
thing is the living entity. That they do not know, foolishly. Just
like a motorcar is running very nicely, and as soon as the driver goes
away it stops. The machine is there, the everything is there, but this
rascal mechanic, he comes, "Something is missing." And why something
missing? But he does not know the missing part is the driver. He is
finding out in the motorcar what is missing. The motorcar, everything
is there. The hand is there, leg is there, heart is there, the
intestines are there, everything is there. So they cannot explain.
They say, "Now the blood has become white." Then make it red. Where is
the difficulty? So they do not know what is missing; neither he'll
take, I mean to say, learned instruction. That is their defect.
thing is the driver is missing, but that they will not accept. They
are so foolish, they are thinking that motorcar is running
.. Yes. That is the first instruction of Krsna. Dehino 'smin
yatha dehe kaumara... Dehinah. There is a living entity, driver,
within this body. That is the first instruction. Unless one
understands this simple thing, he is an ass
. There is no knowledge.
Because everything is based on something fictitious. This is the first
thing one has to learn, the scientists, that there is the driver which
is missing. Or the driver is moving this body. And if the driver is
educated, then he can move this body to Krsna, back to home, back to
Godhead. Then he becomes perfect
. So we are educating the driver. We
are not painting the tin car. This is Krsna consciousness movement
Some Conclusions:
Srila Prabhupada explains that this body we now possess is going on every second
due to our (past/present) material desire(s) and we will have another one in the next life as well
due to our continued material desire which produces action and reaction which means for us-another
trip again to the maternity ward-unless we figure it out correctly.
As we humbly mentioned before, "Karma" is more than just 5 letters in the alphabet.
Hare Krsna

Damaghosa das

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