Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Some principles of purity-Srila Prabhupada

1.) 770111tt.ida                                           
According to Vedic civilization, you are actually untouchable. Now we have come to touch
; therefore wash you must first.
You are untouchable. In Indian
civilization, dog is untouchable, and that is your best friend
. So you
are not touchable. Therefore we have to wash you. And unless your
brain is washed, you cannot understand Krsna
. So it is necessary. Is
that all right? Dog is your best friend. In India dog is untouchable.
So "Man is known by his company." If your best friend is dog, then
what you are?
We can understand your position because you sleep with
dog, you eat with dog, your best friend is dog, so what you are? You
must be washed. It is a fact. Every woman, every man, has some dog.
Jagadisa: Dog or cat.
Prabhupada: Mostly dog. So "Man is known by his company." Your
constant company is dog, so what you are? These are the way. Actually,
according to Vedic... Why they do not allow Europeans in the
Jagannatha temple? Because they are untouchable.
According to Vedic
civilization, Europeans are untouchable. Muslims and..., untouchable
Not only foreigners, even in their own country, those who are not very
cleansed, they are untouchable
2.) Antya 3.124      The Glories of Srila Haridasa Thakura  
is further said in Srimad-Bhagavatam (12.1.40):
                        asamskrtah kriya-hina
                          rajasa tamasavrtah
                       prajas te bhaksayisyanti
                       mleccha rajanya-rupinah
   "In the age of Kali, mlecchas, or lowborn people who have not
undergone the purifying process of samskara, who do not know how to
apply that process in actual life and who are covered by the modes of
passion and ignorance, will take the posts of administrators. They
will devour the citizens with their atheistic activities." A person
who is not purified by the prescribed process of samskara is called
asamskrta, but if one remains kriya-hina even after being purified by
in other words, if one fails to actually apply the
principles of purity in his life--he remains an unpurified mleccha or
On the other hand, we find that Haridasa Thakura, although
born in a mleccha or yavana family, became Namacarya Haridasa Thakura
because he performed the nama-yajna a minimum of 300,000 times every
3.)Antya 4.127      "The servants are always coming and going without interval. If I
touch them, I shall be ruined
   Herein it is very clearly indicated that priests performing Deity
worship should be careful to keep themselves completely pure and not
be touched by outsiders
. Sanatana Gosvami and Haridasa Thakura,
thinking themselves mlecchas and yavanas because of their past
association with Mohammedans, did not enter the temple nor even travel
on the path in front of the temple gate. It is customary for the
priests of temples in India not even to touch outsiders nor enter the
Deity room after having been touched. This is a very important item in
temple worship.
4.) Antya 4.129-130     "My dear Sanatana, although you are the deliverer of the entire
universe and although even the demigods and great saints are purified
by touching you, it is the characteristic of a devotee to observe and
protect the Vaisnava etiquette. Maintenance of the Vaisnava etiquette
is the ornament of a devotee.

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