Wednesday, 22 May 2013

"Nobody is free, everyone is under the grip of material laws"-SP

750615SB.HON                   Lectures                 
 Nobody is free.Everyone is under the grip of material laws. Even if I think, "I am
free," that is my foolishness. I will be forced to act. Even if I do
not want to become old man, I will be forced to become old man
. And if
I, after this giving up this body, if I... Suppose nature is offering
me a dog's body. If I say "No, no, I will not accept this," no, you
will be forced to accept it. That is nature's law
. But you can save
yourself if you follow conscientiously. That is Krsna consciousness
If you keep yourself in Krsna consciousness and act accordingly, then
you will be saved. Otherwise there is no saving
. Tatha
dehantara-praptih. You will have to accept another body. And what is
that body? That is not stated. That will be decided at the end of your
life, at the time of your death, at the condition of your mind and
intelligence at that time. If, at that time, you are thinking of your
pet dog, "What will happen to my pet dog? How he will live? Let me
leave some of my property in his name," (laughter) then you can leave
the dog with some property, but you are going to be dog
. This is laws
of nature.
You may love your dog very nicely and leave some property,
but where you are going, sir? That is under the nature's law. You
cannot say that "I given so much property to the dog. Why shall I
accept the...?" No. Because your mind is absorbed in the thought of
dog, therefore you must take the dog's body. This is nature's law
Therefore we have to train up our mind. Instead of dog, you must train
up your mind to think of God. Then you will be saved. Tyaktva deham
punar janma naiti mam.
(no more old mans body, what to speak of a dog's body)

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