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This is spiritual tendency--SP

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Prabhupada: The thing is that here material world means that whatever
you want, you have to work for it. That is material world. Things are
there, but you have to work for it. In the spiritual world there is no
need of working. You get all necessities. That is the difference.
   The three divisions of God's energies. One energy is His spiritual
energy; another energy--these living entities, they are also
spiritual; another energy--material energy, where there is ignorance
and work. That is material energy. In the material energy everyone is
ignorant and they have to work. Karma. Karma means working
Avidya-karma-samjnanya trtiya. So here you have to work. Without
working, you cannot get your.
.. The things are ready, but you will
have to work. So they have increased the working capability. That is
Just like in the prisonhouse you have to work. Eh? So
they think this working is civilization. This is avidya. So therefore
they have created more work. From early morning, five o'clock, till
ten o'clock, simply working. They do not know that "This working is
our punishment." But because ignorant, they think that "Working is
life." This is called ignorance.
He does not know, "This working is my
punishment. How to get out of this work?" No. To increase the work
more, complicate, that is civilization. This is called avidya
Avidya-karma-samjnanya. Our tendency is not to work but get things.
Therefore he has asked that question. Because he has to get cloth by
working, therefore he asking, "Why God has not created?" That means
tendency is not to work. That is spiritual tendency
. Everything,
necessities, automatically available. That is our... Therefore as soon
as one man becomes rich, he does not work. He gets his thing by
working others. The tendency is there, to retire from work. They go to
a solitary place. They retire. They do not go out. Weekly, at least,
they want to stop worker, working. So why this tendency? He does not
want to die. He does not want to work. This is spiritual. Why man
should work like... Therefore real civilization is that minimize work.
Minimize work, save time, and go back to your spiritual life. That is
And this is not civilization, to get the necessities of
life, sense gratification, and work like hog and dog. That is
condemned. Nayam deho deha-bhajam nrloke kastan kaman arhate
vid-bhujam ye. This human life is not meant for working so hard for
sense gratification which are done by the dogs and hogs.
Prabhupada mentions above that nobody wants to work and that tendency
is a spiritual one, so going along with that idea, one would think that to work
less in the material world would make one happier. And it does, for those
who grow their own food for the coming year. I have found that things do cost less when you
grow your own food, since everyone works for money which gets transferred
ultimately into buying food at some store. So costing less, means you have to
work less to get the same result-namely food in the belly.
Sure it is hard work doing gardening or farming, but so is the rat race which everybody
is so familiar with. One big difference is that growing your own food means a lot less
time spent on actual work at some job, and having more time spent for leisurely activities like chanting
Hare Krsna and reading Prabhupadas books-which will bring us in the end-- to the
spiritual world where we do not have to work at all.
Hare Krsna
Damaghosa das   
Below we have a few shots on a foggy morning (good for shooting pix of dirt) of the
gardens at the beginning of spring. This first one shows garden # 1 where on the right
side are around 70 brassicas-brussel sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower. The left side
will be set in basil.
 squash garden-- and the box in foreground is an experiment in growing potatoes in a box layered
with more dirt as the plants grow up
below is the start of around 70 winter squash plants next to the greenhouse-we still have
3 left from last summer in storage inside
this is the start of the spud field and the corn goes in the back
a closeup of one particular type of sweet buttery flavor potato called yellow finns

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