Wednesday, 22 May 2013

"this mango is more dangerous than dry meat"-SP

750627SB.LA                    Lectures                  227203/530501
Santosa: "The rare person who has completely adopted unalloyed
devotional service can uproot all the weeds of sinful activities
simply by discharging that service, and there is no possibility that
the weeds will grow again. His devotional service is just like the
sun, which can immediately dissipate fog simply by its rays."
                        kecit kevalaya bhaktya
                      agham dhunvanti kartsnyena
                        niharam iva bhaskarah
So we have been discussing for the last few days how to become free
from the reaction of our sinful life. That is real problem. But
people, they have no knowledge what is life, what is sinful life, what
is pious life, why we are put into this condition that "We have to do
this; we haven't got to do that." This is real philosophy of life. The
asuras, as we were discussing in this morning walk, they do not know
it. Asuras... Pravrttim ca nivrttim ca na vidur asurah janah. We are
living... In the ordinary life also, we live a little carefully so
that we may not fall sick. For that purpose there is very vigilance in
the immigration department that in Australia we had some nice mangoes
brought from Bombay, and they did not allow to take it. They thought
this mango is more dangerous than the dry meat. They will allow
importation of dry meat, three hundred years old, (laughter) put into
the regrigerator, and that is imported. That is not infectious. But
mango, very nice mango, fresh mango--we started in Bombay at night,
and we came in the morning, it has become poisonous. So we are so much
precautious that not any germs, infectious disease, may enter. That is
there. But what is that infection which has caused me to accept this
material body again and again
? That they do not know. That they do not
They do not believe in the next life, and therefore asurah
janah. This is, the symptom or characteristic of the asurah janah. You
should be precautious. That is natural. We become precautious, that
"We should not do this so that I may not fall sick." But we do not
know what is our real sickness. That we do not know.
   That is being presented by Krsna in the Bhagavad-gita, that "This
is your sickness, real sickness." What is that?
Janma-mrtyu-jara-vyadhi-duhkha-dosanudarsanam. You are trying to be
unaffected by all kinds of sickness, but your real sickness is this
material disease: you take birth, you die, you become old, and you
suffer from diseases. This is your real sickness
. But who is caring
for this? ....
The solution is that the living entity has infected itself with the material disease. It has to be cured. That is
the whole purpose of Vedic civilization, how to cure your material disease.

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