Monday, 21 May 2012

Prabhupadanugas Hawaii

Prabhupada Farm Hawaii

Devotees already involved in the Prabhupada Focused Farm Hawaii: 

Kapindra Swami (a.k.a. Maharaj)
Original Prabhupada disciple, faithfully following Prabhupada instructions without deviation for over 40 years, continues his humble service and dedicated to keeping Prabhupada's orginal ISKCON alive and kicking.  Temple President of the Prabhupada Sankirtan Society Temple since the 90's at 48 Avenue B in the East Village/Sankirtan at Tompkins Square Park, then a couple years on 6th Avenue until 2006 when inspired by hearing Prabhupada's instructions to start the self-sufficient farm community and cow sanctuary, left NYC in search of land and devotees willing to work under Prabhupada's guidance... living in Oregon, Tennesse, Florida, Costa Rica and finally now, HAWAII!!!  Also, Kapindra Swami has perfected so many dishes infusing the offerings with his most sincere love for Prabhupada.  The most blissful prasadam in the 3 worlds!
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 Kapindra Swami a.k.a. Maharaj
leading a discussion after hearing directly from Srila Prabhupada at the weekly Sunday Love Feast, Hilo, Hawaii, 3/2012

 Above: Saci-suta Das & Kapindra Swami on a guava orchard for sale on Big Island 2/1011
Saci-suta Das
Serving Prabhupada's mission faithfully since the East Village days, now personally assisting Kapindra Swami.  His heart and soul is into cooking for Prabhupada.  He and Kapindra Swami together prepare the most amazing Prasadam in the universe. Come to the Sunday Love Feast and taste the transcendental love for yourself.  The Prasadam is truly BLISS!  Like magic, just when you think it can't get any better because it's so delicious, it gets better and better and better. BLISS!

 Atma-ruci Das (a.k.a. Aubrey)
Serving Prabhupada's mission faithfully and steadily since the East Village days, Atma-ruci always offers consistent support, friendship & donations.  He is ready to start Prabhupada's farm and plans to retire, move to Hawaii and live on the farm.

Woody, Mother Premanandi (a.k.a. Dana), & Tulsi Kai
Premanandi found her bliss doing sankirtan at Prabhupada Sankirtan Society, NYC since '96.  Her dream is to live a spiritual life with Woody, her fiance & their daughter Tulsi Kai by helping create a peaceful natural Prabhupada centered Krishna conscious lifestyle for everyone interested, and hear, chant & serve in association with Prabhupada's sincere disciples.
Woody has many talents for creating and sustaining a self-sufficient farm.  He is a natural teacher and loves to share his knowledge of plants, soil health, art, carpentry & beekeeping.  His sincerity and true aloha spirit is harmonious with Prabhupada's original Hare Krishna movement. 
Tulsi Kai was born August 8, 2009.  She loves singing Hare Krishna and loves Prabhupada.  Her smile and laughter is contagious.  She's talking alot these days.  She says Hare Krishna like "Hai Kreee-da!"
             Premanandi & Woody               Kapindra Swami, Premanandi & Tulsi Kai playing with Kapindra Swami's beads.  1/11
 Tulsi Kai playing with kartals during a kirtan and a bit later, at 2 1/2 pictured with Lord Gauranga in the background  3/12

Caitanya Das, Jayasri Gaurangi & Gaura Chandra
Caitanya Das, engaged in heart felt sankirtan at Prabhupada Sankirtan Society since the 90's, married Jayasri Gaurangi, from Germany, found Prabhupada Sankirtan Society all the way in NYC in early 2000's.  Caitanya & Jayasri's love for each other and dedication to Prabhupada's original sankirtan movement inspired them to travel with Kapindra Swami in search of land for the Goloka Cow Sanctuary.  NY, OR, TN, FL, then Costa Rica, where they live now and where they had their son now a year old named Gaura Chandra.  Jayasri Gaurangi recently attended midwifery school in Alaska. 

Harinam Das
We just met Harinam this February (2011) when we had our first Prabhupada Sankirtan Society Temple program in Hawaii.  He is fired up about Prabhupada and ready to do what it takes to get Prabhupada's farm started.  He sings amazing kirtans on harmonium.
Harinam on harmonium. 

Mother Gopi-priya (Pia)
Serving Prabhupada's mission faithfully since the East Village days, living in NY still but continually offering donation and loving support to Prabhupada's mission.  Mother Gopi-priya floats when she dances for Prabhupada and her love for Prabhupada shines through her eyes.  She is always so kind and supportive to other devotees and humbly beams her ultimate love for Srila Prabhupada in all she does.
Mother Gopi Priya sitting in front of the most famous and beloved Prabhupada's Tree, near the 48 Avenue B home of Prabhupada Sankirtan Society for the 90's and early 2000's.  
East Village/Lower East Side, New York City.  

 Woody on mrdanga, Dayal Chandra & Forest during kirtan.   Joseph a.k.a. Faith & Kapinda Swami  4/2011

Bhakta Christopher
"At a difficult time in my life Krishna had mercy on me by placing me
near to Kapindra Swami´s old Ave. B, Manhattan, NY temple/bookstore; 
where this true devotee, His Holiness was serving and preaching. His 
Holiness, Kapindra Swami has helped so many people. Thanks to him, my 
own interest in Krishna Consciousness was rekindled. I was also able 
to render some service via the early websites/blogs of the Prabhupada 
Sankirtan Society.

His Holiness always clarifies Srila Prabhupada´s important original orders.
Thus, we study Prabhupada´s original books and media, pray, chant, and work
toward true varnasrama. We must use the opportunity our current lives afford 
to make true spiritual progress. Only then shall we realize our own true, 
nature, and return to Godhead.

With Fondness and Respect 
for H.H. Kapindra Swami and the PSS,
Hare Krishna!
- Bhakta Christopher" 


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