Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Vyaspuja offering 2013

Prabhupadavani devi dasi

Srila Prabhupada You came to save the world
where we are are living spiritually dead
You called us cats and dogs and rascals without any fear
and that made us understand what we really are and dance in roar

Your enthusiasm to spread the holy name was just great
along with glorifying Your Lord by writing books at night
You are perfect acharya and Goswami
who defeated in a second all bogus swami

You are the one chosen by Your guru Bhaktisiddhantha
and subsequently got the title Bhaktivedantha
Your effulgent smile can attract the whole world
and the lotus feet dust can purify the three worlds

Your Divine Grace is real eternal hero of the heroes
who so mercifullay added 1 to our life's zeroes
Please accept my small offering at Your Lotus feet
and also make me get attached to Your Lotus feet

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