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If you think by your work, you're getting richer-your not--here's the proof

Hare Krsna-
Everybody should watch this 6 minute video of wealth distribution in America-it is mind boggling !
Not only does it show the huge disparity between the rich and poor, but also the perception of Americans of what they think and the actual reality of the situation.
Our brain washing by the so called leaders is now complete ! They have us convinced and we have all surrendered to "their plan for material success"-instead of Gods plan, Krsna's plan. Watch it, its short, but it will literally blow you away with how bad the economic climate has now become in America-and this is supposed to be the wealthiest country in the world?
Here are a few point summarized in this video:
1.Only 1% of  all Americans own 40% of all the wealth
2. the bottom 80%, that's 8 out of 10 Americans, has only 7% of the total wealth
3. the top 1% takes home 24% of all the income. In 1976 that amount was 9% so it has tripled in  the last 30 years
4. the top 1% own 50% of all stocks, bonds, mutual funds and the rest of us are just scraping by-most not
even investing at all.
5. the average American worker has to work for one month to make what the average CEO makes in one hour ! 
And after you watch it-then decide if what Srila Prabhupada is telling us (below) is actually a viable solution-especially for the mass of people, yes even us "devotees" too !! We should be the one's leading this charge back to some stage of  at least economic normalcy !! What to speak of spiritual lives.
Hare Krsna
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Damaghosa das
(oh, one more thing-I just watched a PBS commentary on the Amish religious group in America-90% of their members choose to remain for life, IN their farming/family group AFTER experiencing the "outside world" for two years. They, when the youth reach the age of 16-18 go outside for two years, and look at the rest of the "world"-then they decide to go or stay) 
750304mw.dal ...Just like in the prisonhouse you have to work. Eh? So
they think this working is civilization. This is avidya. So therefore
they have created more work. From early morning, five o'clock, till
ten o'clocksimply working. They do not know that "This working is
our punishment.
" But because ignorant, they think that "Working is
life." This is called ignorance
740928SB.MAY...Therefore Krsna gives His instruction. He's the supreme ruler. He
gives this order: annad bhavanti bhutani: "You require food grains
This is practical. Who will disagree with Krsna, that "We don't
require food grains; we require bolts and nuts in the factory
"? Who
will say? This is practical... But Krsna does not say that
"You open slaughterhouse and industries and brothels and cinema." No.
Krsna does not say. Krsna says, "Grow more food, rascal! You'll eat
and become strong." And nobody is obeying Krsna. Is it not?                                             
...So in the human form of life, you cannot neglect the instruction of Bhagavan. Then you'll be punished.
Severe punishment. Tan aham dvisatah kruran ksipamy ajasram andha-yonisu

770111tt.ida...Ramesvara: Many people already have their jobs and their families.
Prabhupada: That job... They will be very soon jobless. Don't worry.
(laughs) They will come. They will be obliged to come. Now they have
got job, but as the days are advancing in Kali-yuga, they'll be jobless..

750514mw.per...Amogha: He was saying that your solution was too simple. He said that
people will not accept it because it is too simple
Prabhupada: That is his ignorance. They will say it is primitive.
That is the only solution. According to the Vedic system, you cannot use
anything which you cannot produce
720916SB.LA....Now, whole modern materialistic civilization is depending on the
motorcars and aeroplanes, transportation. So if the petroleum supply
is stopped, then what will be the condition of the society
We have created a facility for transport by motorcar or by aeroplane, but side by side,
we have created another difficulty, that a man has to go to his work
three hundred miles away. Side by side. Formerly, a man used to work
on his field, a few steps from his house.
 Now we have created facility
of transport; therefore we have to go to work three hundred miles away
from home. This is the position. But they have no brain. They're
thinking they're advancing. (chuckles
One day, one grown-up child was asking his mother, "Who is this gentleman?" The
father was there. So the mother said, "He is your father, my dear
child." So he did not see his father until he grew three years or four
years old. Because when he was child, the father was rising early in
the morning. At that time, child was sleeping. And he was going to
office, and when he comes back, the child was sleeping. So unless the
child grew four years old, he could not see his father. Is it not the
position of this?
770618rc.vrn...Upendra: The reason the original faith was placed in the scientists
was because radio, airplanes, tape recorders have been manufactured,
and people are impressed by these originally.
Prabhupada: So what is the benefit? Without radio, people were dying,
or with radio they are not living?
Upendra: They say they are living more comfortably.
Prabhupada: Nonsense comfortably When you ride
 on a car, full of anxiety... At any moment there
may be accident. It is not comfortable. If you are full of anxiety
Aeroplane may be. At any moment you can die. It is your time only.
They're going in good faith: "I shall go there." But before rising to
the sky, finished, crash. So many airplane has been...
 So where is the
comfort? As soon as you get on the aeroplane, you are in full anxiety
that at any moment there may be crash. Is it not? Then where is
comfort? Real comfort is without anxiety. That is real comfort.

Canakya Pandita has given, real comfort means, arni akyavad(?): "One
who is not out of home and one who has no debts, 
he is happy."

Nowadays people are going out of home, and everyone is debtor to the
bank and so many... The economic machine is so made that one is put
always in debts for some so-called comforts, and he's full of anxiety.
The whole month he has to work to pay debts. (end)

SB 7.14.5 P...A wise man, however, learns from the sastras and
guru... He therefore concludes that in the human
form of life he should not endeavor for unnecessary necessities, but
should live a very simple life, just maintaining body and soul
together. Certainly one requires some means of livelihood, and
according ...  is the basic principle of Vedic civilization. One
should be satisfied with whatever means of life comes automatically.
The modern materialistic civilization is just the opposite of the
ideal civilization. .... the so-called leaders of modern society
invent something contributing to a cumbersome way of life that
implicates people more and more in the cycle of birth, death, old age
and  disease.
"The village organization is that the local people produce their necessities like grain, vegetables, milk, and cloth; and for recreation they have the chanting of Hare Krishna. They should live there comfortably and have spiritual recreation. They should not come to the cities.

I wish to introduce this ideal now. Then if we are successful this cheating civilization will stop. They have made these cities as hell. If people do not cooperate with them, then how will the factories run on? 
 We should utilize our time for elevating ourselves in Krishna Consciousness than for the so called economic development. If we are satisfied with plain living, with minimun time and the balance time is engaged for elevating our Krishna Consciousness program, then every man can be transferred to Goloka Vrndavana, just in this very lifeletter to Hamsadutta Jan 11, 1968 

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