Friday, 30 August 2013

Vyasa-puja offering to Srila Prabhupada

Dubak Haris Son

nama om visnupadaya krsna-presthaya bhu-tale
srimate bhaktivedanta svamin iti-namine

namaste sarasvate deve gaura-vani pracarine
nirvisesa sunyavadi pascatia desa tarine

My dear Srila Prabhupada!
Please at this all-auspicious day of your divine appearance in this world of death, kindly accept my fallen and prostrated obeisances at your lotus feet!

You have come, descended from the eternal transcendental abode of Goloka Vrndavana, sent by Lord Sri Krsna Himself, to again remind the whole mankind about the eternal Truth of the Self.

As you are all-perfect, all-powerful and directly empowered by Lord Sri Krsna with all the potencies of His own Self, you've executed your mission in complete perfection. You've given us everything we need to return to our home, back to home, back to Godhead and we are humbly trying to take your teachings into our hearts.

You' ve given us so many engagements, duties and opportunities to serve your lotus feet, that everyone can pick up what he feels the best and devote his energy, which is Krsna's energy anyway, in that service.

I personally am today very delighted to present to you, although symbolically for now, but finally, after 3 years of endeavor this first printing of your translation of Sri Isopanisad rendered into slovak language.

I intended to present to you more of what is ready of your transcendental original books, but due to my lazness, foolishness and complete incompetence I was not able to put it together till now.

Nevertheless, everything is slowly progressing by your causeless mercy and soon we shall bring your unadulterated message to the slovak-speaking public.

Please, therefore, kindly accept this humble offering, bless everyone who participates in this great endeavor with your causeless mercy and kindly let and allow us to continue our humble attempt to please you, which is so full of faults and never to be perfect or complete.

There are many devotees all around the world, who have taken you as their life and soul - in Canada, Turkey, New Zealand, Singapore, India, Russia, Germany, Brazil, the US and so on and on, please, kindly bestow upon us the spiritual strength and intelligence, so we can come together under the shelter of your lotus feet and push on your pure transcendental movement.

Let us depend on you completely and wholly, let us take a dip into your eternal and faultless vani, let us execute it and let us be an army of dogs led by you, the transcendental fearless lion.

You are the lion and the swan. You are the thunderbolt and the rose. You are the sharp sword and the moonlight ray, you are all in all because you are saksad-hari, Krsna directly and we are eternaly your servants.

I fall down straight at your lotus feet, kindly bless me with your merciful glance.

Hare Krsna! Jaya Srila Prabhupada!

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