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How To Fix ISKCON In 9 Easy Steps |

Pratyatosa Dasa
Gopal Bhatta Das says: Srila Prabhupada promotes ISKCON throughout his books…If ISKCON is deviating, you cannot promote it, nor can you ignore it, you have to FIX it. 
Dear Gopal Bhatta Prabhu, PAMHO. AGTSP!
Thank you very much for your valuable comments.
But how do we “FIX ISKCON?” Many of the current pretender gurus are obviously very attached to their charades. They are obviously just pretending because real gurus do not fall down, and real gurus are not subject to the dictates of a “GBC.” So, let them continue pretending, but the GBC body itself should stop forcing all of ISKCON to live a lie (like they have been doing ever since early 1978).
Therefore, the GBC should:
1. Admit that they, as a body, ignored part of Srila Prabhupada’s 1970 DOM order (the part which states that TPs should vote devotees on and off of the GBC body).
2. Point out that Srila Prabhupada did not condemn them for this, and neither did a vast majority of the devotees.
3. Admit that they ignored Srila Prabhupada’s July 9, 1977 ritvik henceforward order, and beg the devotees to be merciful, to follow Srila Prabhupada’s example, and to not condemn them for this either.
4. Allow the current “gurus” to go on being “gurus.”
5. Not approve any new “gurus.”
6. Begin approving “ritvik representatives of the Acharya,” as Srila Prabhupada clearly prescribed in his July 9th letter.
7. Allow the “gurus” to request that their “guruship” positions be switched to ritviks, subject to GBC approval on an individual basis.
8. Allow the “gurus” to give up their “guruship” positions in exchange for a “golden parachute.” (Guaranteed retirement benefits for life.)
9. Order all TPs to, from now on, recommend qualified new bhaktas and bhaktins for initiation, and to request whichever ritvik is nearest to come and perform the ceremony.
In my humble opinion, if the above 9 points were actually carried out by the GBC body, it would satisfy most of the Ritviks and most of the ISKCONites as well.
Your servant, Pratyatosa Dasa

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