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The Glories of Lord Nityananda

The Glories of Lord Nityananda Balarama   
CC Adi lila chapter 5-selected verses compiled
This is Gauranga Ananta- the combined forms of Lord Gaura (frontside)
 and Lord Nitai (coiled snake on backside)

Lord Baladeva in Krsnaloka is Nityananda Prabhu. Therefore
Nityananda Prabhu is the original Sankarsana, and Maha-sankarsana and
His expansions as the purusas in the universes are plenary expansions
of Nityananda Prabhu.
Adi 5.1      Let me offer my obeisances to Lord Sri Nityananda, the Supreme
Personality of Godhead, whose opulence is wonderful and unlimited. By
His will, even a fool can understand His identity.
Adi 5.10     According to expert opinion, Balarama, as the chief of the original
quadruple forms, is also the original Sankarsana. Balarama, the first
expansion of Krsna, expands Himself in five forms: (1)
Maha-sankarsana, (2) Karanabdhisayi, (3) Garbhodakasayi, (4)
Ksirodakasayi, and (5) Sesa
. These five plenary portions are
responsible for both the spiritual and material cosmic manifestations
In these five forms Lord Balarama assists Lord Krsna in His
activities. The first four of these forms are responsible for the
cosmic manifestations, whereas Sesa is responsible for personal
service to the Lord. Sesa is called Ananta, or unlimited, because He
assists the Personality of Godhead in His unlimited expansions by
performing an unlimited variety of services
. Sri Balarama is the
servitor Godhead who serves Lord Krsna in all affairs of existence and
knowledge. Lord Nityananda Prabhu, who is the same servitor Godhead,
Balarama, performs the same service to Lord Gauranga by constant
Adi 5.18   The abode known as Vrndavana or Gokula is also known as Goloka. The
Brahma-samhita states that Gokula, the highest region of the kingdom
of God, resembles a lotus flower with thousands of petals. The outer
portion of that lotuslike planet is a square place known as
In the inner portion of Gokula there is an elaborate
arrangement for Sri Krsna's residence with His eternal associates such
as Nanda and Yasoda. That transcendental abode exists by the energy of
Sri Baladeva
, who is the original whole of Sesa, or Ananta. The
tantras also confirm this description by stating that the abode of Sri
Anantadeva, the plenary portion of Baladeva, is called the kingdom of
God. Vrndavana-dhama is the innermost abode within the quadrangular
realm of Svetadvipa, which lies outside of the boundary of Gokula
Adi 5.20     The land there is touchstone [cintamani], and the forests abound
with desire trees. Material eyes see it as an ordinary place.
   By the grace of the Lord His dhamas and He Himself can all be
present simultaneously, without losing their original importance. Only
when one fully develops in affection and love of Godhead can one see
those dhamas in their original appearance.
   Srila Narottama dasa Thakura, a great acarya in the preceptorial
line of Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, has said for our benefit that
one can perfectly see the dhamas only when one completely gives up the
mentality of lording it over material nature
. One's spiritual vision
develops proportionately to one's giving up the debased mentality of
unnecessarily enjoying matter.
Adi 5.22   In the material world, everything is a creation. Anything we can
think of within our experience, including even our own bodies and
minds, was created. This process of creation began with the life of
Brahma, and the creative principle is prevalent all over the material
universe because of the quality of passion. But since the quality of
passion is conspicuous by its absence in the Vaikuntha planets,
nothing there is created: everything there is eternally existent. And
because there is no mode of ignorance, there is also no question of
annihilation or destruction
. In the material world one may try to make
everything permanent by developing the above-mentioned qualities of
goodness, but because the goodness in the material world is mixed with
passion and ignorance, nothing here can exist permanently, despite all
the good plans of the best scientific brains. Therefore in the
material world we have no experience of eternity, bliss and fullness
of knowledge
. But in the spiritual world, because of the complete
absence of the qualitative modes, everything is eternal, blissful and
cognizant. Everything can speak, everything can move, everything can
hear, and everything can see in fully blessed existence for eternity.
The situation being so, naturally space and time, in the forms of
past, present and future, have no influence there. In the spiritual
sky there is no change because time has no influence. Consequently,
the influence of maya, the total external energy, which induces us to
become more and more materialistic and forget our relationship with
God, is also absent there.
   The residents of Vaikuntha have brilliantly black complexions much
more fascinating and attractive than the dull white and black
complexions found in the material world. Their bodies, being
spiritual, have no equals in the material world.
The beauty of a
bright cloud when lightning flashes on it merely hints at their
Generally the inhabitants of Vaikuntha dress in yellow
clothing. Their bodies are delicate and attractively built, and their
eyes are like the petals of lotus flowers. Like Lord Visnu, the
residents of Vaikuntha have four hands decorated with a conchshell,
wheel, club and lotus flower. Their chests are beautifully broad and
fully decorated with necklaces of a brilliant diamondlike metal
surrounded by costly jewels never to be found in the material world.
The residents of Vaikuntha are always powerful and effulgent. Some of
them have complexions like red coral cat's eyes and lotus flowers, and
each of them has earrings of costly jewels. On their heads they wear
flowery crowns resembling garlands
   In the Vaikunthas there are airplanes, but they make no tumultuous
sounds. Material airplanes are not at all safe: they can fall down and
crash at any time, for matter is imperfect in every respect. In the
spiritual sky, however, the airplanes are also spiritual, and they are
spiritually brilliant and bright. These airplanes do not fly business
executives, politicians or planning commissions as passengers, nor do
they carry cargo or postal bags, for these are all unknown there
These planes are for pleasure trips only, and the residents of
Vaikuntha fly in them with their heavenly, beautiful, fairylike
consorts. Therefore these airplanes, full of residents of Vaikuntha,
both male and female, increase the beauty of the spiritual sky. We
cannot imagine how beautiful they are, but their beauty may be
compared to the clouds in the sky accompanied by silver branches of
electric lightning. The spiritual sky of Vaikunthaloka is always
decorated in this way.
.... But the poor materialist makes plans to live comfortably here and thus wastes his valuable
human energy in something that is doomed to frustration. Instead of
wasting his time with business speculations, he might have sought the
life of plain living and high spiritual thinking and thus saved
himself from perpetual materialistic unrest....
Adi 5.41   The original quadruple forms Krsna, Baladeva, Pradyumna and
Aniruddha expand into another quadruple
, which is present in the
Vaikuntha planets of the spiritual sky. Therefore the quadruple forms
in the spiritual sky are the second manifestation of the original
quadruple in Dvaraka
. As explained above, Vasudeva, Sankarsana,
Pradyumna and Aniruddha are all changeless, transcendental plenary
expansions of the Supreme Lord who have no relation to the material
modes. The Sankarsana form in the second quadruple is not only a
representation of Balarama but also the original cause of the Causal
Ocean, where Karanodakasayi Visnu lies asleep, breathing out the seeds
of innumerable universes
Adi 5.42    There the personal feature of Balarama called Maha-sankarsana is
the shelter of the spiritual energy. He is the primary cause, the
cause of all causes.
Adi 5.45    There is one marginal potency, known as the jiva. Maha-sankarsana
is the shelter of all jivas.
Adi 5.46       Sankarsana is the original shelter of the purusa, from whom this
world is created and in whom it is dissolved.
Adi 5.47   He [Sankarsana] is the shelter of everything. He is wonderful in
every respect, and His opulences are infinite. Even Ananta cannot
describe His glory.
Adi 5.48    That Sankarsana, who is transcendental pure goodness, is a partial
expansion of Nityananda Balarama.
Adi 5.50     I offer my full obeisances unto the feet of Sri Nityananda Rama,
whose partial representation called Karanodakasayi Visnu, lying on the
Karana Ocean, is the original purusa, the master of the illusory
energy, and the shelter of all the universes.
Adi 5.51     Outside the Vaikuntha planets is the impersonal Brahman effulgence,
and beyond that effulgence is the Karana Ocean, or Causal Ocean.
Purport-. Neither Krsna in Goloka nor Narayana in Vaikuntha comes directly in contact with the material
creation. They are completely aloof from the material energy
   It is the function of Maha-sankarsana in the form of Karanodakasayi
Visnu to glance over the material creation
, which is situated beyond
the limits of the Causal Ocean. Material nature is connected with the
Personality of Godhead by His glance over her and nothing more
. It is
said that she is impregnated by the energy of His glance. The material
energy, maya, never even touches the Causal Ocean, for the Lord's
glance focuses upon her from a great distance away.
   The glancing power of the Lord agitates the entire cosmic energy,
and thus its actions begin at once. This indicates that matter,
however powerful she may be, has no power by herself
. Her activity
begins by the grace of the Lord, and then the entire cosmic creation
is manifested in a systematic way. The example of a woman's conception
can help us understand this subject to a certain extent. The mother is
passive, but the father puts his energy within the mother, and thus
she conceives. She supplies the ingredients for the birth of the child
in her womb. Similarly, the Lord activates material nature, which then
supplies the ingredients for cosmic development.
   Material nature has two different phases. The aspect called
pradhana supplies the material ingredients for cosmic development, and
the aspect called maya causes the manifestation of her ingredients
which are temporary, like foam in the ocean. In reality, the temporary
manifestations of material nature are originally caused by the
spiritual glance of the Lord. The Personality of Godhead is the
direct, or remote, cause of creation, and material nature is the
indirect, or immediate, cause.
Materialistic scientists, puffed-up by
the magical changes their so-called inventions have brought about,
cannot see the real potency of Godhead behind matter. Therefore the
jugglery of science is gradually leading people to a godless
civilization at the cost of the goal of human life. Having missed the
goal of life, materialists run after self-sufficiency, not knowing
that material nature is already self-sufficient by the grace of God.
Thus creating a colossal hoax in the name of civilization, they create
an imbalance in the natural self-sufficiency of material nature.
Adi 5.52     Surrounding Vaikuntha is a mass of water that is endless,
unfathomed and unlimited.
Adi 5.53    The earth, water, fire, air and ether of Vaikuntha are all
spiritual. Material elements are not found there.
Adi 5.54     The water of the Karana Ocean, which is the original cause, is
therefore spiritual. The sacred Ganges, which is but a drop of it,
purifies the fallen souls.
Adi 5.55       In that ocean lies one plenary portion of Lord Sankarsana.
Adi 5.56     He is known as the first purusa, the creator of the total material
energy. He, the cause of the universes, the first incarnation, casts
His glance over maya.
 Maya-sakti resides outside the Causal Ocean. Maya cannot touch its
Adi 5.58      Maya has two varieties of existence. One is called pradhana or
prakrti. It supplies the ingredients of the material world.


  Maya, the external energy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, is
divided into two parts
. Maya is the cause and the ingredient of the
cosmic manifestation. As the cause of the cosmic manifestation she is
known as maya, and as the agent supplying the ingredients of the
cosmic manifestation she is known as pradhana. An explicit description
of these divisions of external energy is given in Srimad-Bhagavatam
 Elsewhere in Srimad-Bhagavatam (10.63.26) the ingredients
and cause of the material cosmic manifestation are described as
follows: The body is generated  from activity, and activity is generated from the body, just as a tree
is generated from a seed that is generated from a tree. This
reciprocal cause and effect is called maya. My dear Lord, You can save
me from this cycle of cause and effect. I worship Your lotus feet."
Adi 5.63     Just as the original cause of an earthen pot is the potter, so the
creator of the material world is the first purusa incarnation
[Karanarnavasayi Visnu].
Adi 5.64     Lord Krsna is the creator, and maya only helps Him as an
instrument, just like the potter's wheel and other instruments, which
are the instrumental causes of a pot.
Adi 5.65     The first purusa casts His glance at maya from a distance, and thus
He impregnates her with the seed of life in the form of the living
Adi 5.66     The reflected rays of His body mix with maya, and thus maya gives
birth to myriads of universes.
PURPORT-   . In the conditioned state the living entities of the marginal energy are a
mixture of spiritual and material energies
. The marginal energy is
originally under the control of the spiritual energy, but, under the
control of the material energy, the living entities have been
wandering in forgetfulness within the material world since time
.. The marginal jiva, or living entity, misuses his
independence and becomes averse to the eternal service attitude when
he independently thinks he is not energy but the energetic. This
misconception of his own existence leads him to the attitude of
lording it over material nature...
....but a person who is engaged in devotional service in full Krsna
consciousness and who is therefore already situated in the spiritual
energy can understand that the material energy has no independent
whatever actions are going on are due to the help of the
spiritual energy. The material energy, which is a perverted form of
the spiritual energy, presents everything pervertedly, thus causing
misconceptions and duality.
...When a living entity is liberated, however, from the conditioned life
of matter, he can understand the two different activities of material
nature, namely covering and bewildering
Adi 5.67   The purusa enters each and every one of the countless universes. He
manifests Himself in as many separate forms as there are universes.
Adi 5.68     When the purusa exhales, the universes become manifest with each
outward breath
Adi 5.69     Thereafter, when He inhales, all the universes again enter His
Adi 5.70     Just as atomic particles of dust pass through the openings of a
window, so the networks of universes pass through the pores of the
skin of the purusa.
Adi 5.72    "Where am I,[Lord Brahma] a small creature of seven spans the measure of my own
hand? I am enclosed in the universe composed of material nature, the
total material energy, false ego, ether, air, water and earth. And
what is Your glory? Unlimited universes pass through the pores of Your
body just like particles of dust passing through the opening of a
   When Lord Brahma, after having stolen all Krsna's cows and cowherd
boys, returned and saw that the cows and boys were still roaming with
Krsna, he offered this prayer (Bhag. 10.14.11) in his defeat. A
conditioned soul, even one so great as Brahma, who manages the affairs
of the entire universe, cannot compare to the Personality of Godhead,
for He can produce numberless universes simply by the spiritual rays
emanating from the pores of His body
. Material scientists should take
lessons from the utterances of Sri Brahma regarding our insignificance
in comparison to God.
In these prayers of Brahma there is much to
learn for those who are falsely puffed up by the accumulation of
Adi 5.91   That Maha-purusa [Karanodakasayi Visnu] is known as a plenary part
of Him who is Lord Nityananda Balarama, the favorite associate of Lord Caitanya.
 Adi 5.93    I offer my full obeisances unto the feet of Sri Nityananda Rama, a
partial part of whom is Garbhodakasayi Visnu. From the navel of
Garbhodakasayi Visnu sprouts the lotus that is the birthplace of
Brahma, the engineer of the universe. The stem of that lotus is the
resting place of the multitude of planets.
Adi 5.107      That Lord Narayana is a part of a plenary part of Lord Nityananda
Adi 5.109    I offer my respectful obeisances unto the feet of Sri Nityananda
Rama, whose secondary part is the Visnu lying in the ocean of milk.
That Ksirodakasayi Visnu is the Supersoul of all living entities and
the maintainer of all the universes. Sesa Naga is His further subpart.
Adi 5.134    Thus Lord Nityananda has unlimited incarnations. In transcendental
emotion He calls Himself a servant of Lord Caitanya.
Adi 5.135    Sometimes He serves Lord Caitanya as His guru, sometimes as His
friend and sometimes as His servant, just as Lord Balarama played with
Lord Krsna in these three different modes in Vraja.
Adi 5.136     Playing like a bull, Lord Balarama fights with Krsna head to head.
And sometimes Lord Krsna massages the feet of Lord Balarama.
Adi 5.138    "Acting just like ordinary boys, They played like roaring bulls as
They fought each other, and They imitated the calls of various
Adi 5.139  "Sometimes when Lord Krsna's elder brother, Lord Balarama, felt
tired after playing and lay His head on the lap of a cowherd boy, Lord
Krsna Himself served Him by massaging His feet."
Adi 5.142    Lord Krsna alone is the supreme controller, and all others are His
servants. They dance as He makes them do so.
Adi 5.143    Thus Lord Caitanya is also the only controller. All others are His
associates or servants.
Adi 5.154    Krsna and Balarama present Themselves as elder or younger brother,
but in the scriptures They are described as the original Supreme
Personality of Godhead and His expansion
Adi 5.156    Lord Caitanya is the same Lord Krsna, and Lord Nityananda is Lord
. Lord Nityananda fulfills all of Lord Caitanya's desires.
Adi 5.157    The ocean of Lord Nityananda's glories is infinite and
unfathomable. Only by His mercy can I touch even a drop of it

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