Sunday, 12 August 2012

Vyasa Puja Offering of Dubak Haris Son

Nama om visnu padaya krsna presthaya bhu tale
Srimate bhaktivedanta svamin iti namine
Namaste sarasvate deve gaura vani pracarine
Nirvisesa sunyavadi pascatya desa tarine

My dear Master, Srila Prabhupada. As time eternaly circles in cycles, so the all-auspicious day of your divine appearance in this world of death again came to enliven us. Samsara is a cycle of birth, death, old age and disease and many cycles there are other, mostly they are of no benefit for the living entity. But if one is fortunate to meet you by the inconceivable and causeless mercy of the Supreme Lord Krsna, and take shelter of your lotus feet, then for this cycle of celebrating your earthly lilas, he can undergo all other cycles happily.
Caksu dan dilo jei janme janme prabhu sei. „You open my darkened eyes and fill my heart with transcendental knowledge. You are my lord birth after birth.“ Birth after birth. Who would fear the ocean of samsara if he gets on a boat of your lotus feet and obeys you as the captain?
But not all are so fortunate.
Therefore I pray today, that you give us strenght and inteligence to be your worthy servants, so that all can see that you are here with us for the Golden Age, shining like a briliant sun, dissipating the darkness of Kali-yuga.
Your mercy is unlimited like the ocean. Otherwise, how could this useless soul be trying, still trying to please you and the Lord?
I lowly beg you Srila Prabhupada, bestow your merciful glance upon us, that is sufficient. Please, accept our faulty attempts, just as father accepts the faults of his children with pleasure and guides them to perfection. The kids are fools, they don´t know anything. But the father is patient and expert. If he lets them try, they will realize by his mercy, help and advise.
Unqualified as I am, let these be the words of conclusion. You are the spiritual master of the whole universe. Please be merciful upon me.
I am your eternal servant.
 Dubak Haris Son

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