Saturday, 11 August 2012

Your Right To Believe Srila Prabhupada Is Your Diksa Guru

Krishna has given each and everyone of us the freedom of choice, and as in most things it is ones God given right to choose to believe and accept Srila Prabhupada as one’s diksa/only /Guru without intimidation by those who enforce the current status quo.
And in one respect this is the key to the whole debate.” Your choice”, to accept the July 9th letter as a matter of fact, is part of the freedoms that God has given you.
The Iskcon guru policies from 1977 until today, have been policies of Harassment, Black Mail, Intimidation, Violence, and denying converts their emotional freedom to examine the whole guru issue.
Acceptance of the July 9th letter could never be termed as radical. What is Radical is YOU the individual giving over YOUR right, to someone else, or a committee or another person, to decide for YOU, who, will be the intermediary between YOU and YOUR God. That’s Radical!
Any confusion between individual rights, acceptable group behavior, legitimate religion and gurus is a product of woolly thinking, rather than a real problem of definition. And, the accountability of those using the process’s (eg) Iskcon GBC’s, their Temple Authorities, Websites such as Sampradaya Sun or Dandavats should be accountable to the wider community so as standards of behavior can be enforced.
Your right as an individual to choose Srila Prabhupada as your Diksa/Intermediary is Your Choice and such a freedom that must be respected.
Kurma Das

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