Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Why were Srila Prabhupada's documents hidden?

PADA: The July 9th letter was also not circulated as was ordered, indeed many folks complained they never saw a copy until we began to publish it widely in 1985. The May 28, 1977 "appointment tape" was also not circulated, until we began to publish that in 1984. The ENTIRE COLLECTION of letters were also not being circulated, and when we got a microfiche of the letters in 1984, Sulochana told me he got a call from Ramesvara saying we (me and Sulochana) would be “dead meat on a hook” if we published. Well we went ahead and published the letters, and Sulochana was then assassinated for doing that, just as they said he would be. And without the help of the police, I would have been assassinated too, they arrested the person who killed Sulochana who was “doing surveillance” on my car. I also got a copy of "the will" out of Hansadutta’s safe, and the will was ALSO not being circulated. None of the 1977 conversations were being circulated AT ALL until a limited edition came out in 1990, and there were many gaps in the tape sequences. In sum, the words of Srila Prabhupada were being suppressed. I read in the 1990 edition of the BBT archives conversations “conversation about poison in hindi,” I had to pray to Krishna for 7 years to get those tapes, these tapes were not being circulated at all, ok until I circulated them. Locananda’s biggest problem is, these things were all being suppressed violently, so how could the people doing that have any authority at all? ys pd


  1. Not mentioned were the DOM - Direction of Management. Created in 1970, with this document
    Srila Prabhupad created the GBC and outlined the function and authority (including limitations to their authority) of the GBC, and the election process that was to take place After Srila Prabhupad ceased selecting new members, which Srila Prabhupad did right up into 1977.
    And the "TOPMOST URGENCY" "Constitutional Amendment" document of 1974, which should have been sent to all temples so that the order and amendment could/would be executed.

  2. do you have copies of the files and tapes for copying? seems like now they are coming out freely. blue92@hotmail.com

    Bhakta Donald