Friday, 29 June 2012

Prabhupada you came...

This one comes from Gaura Prabhu ACBSP
Prithuputra Swami was the 1st French sannyasi. He did a lot of service for the preaching mission. But after Srila Prabhupada's physical demise he left KC and reassumed a lifestyle he led before he joined - sex, drugs rock' n' roll. He never came back. Nevertheless, he never criticised KC. Some years later he contracted AIDS. As the disease progressed he ended up in hospital, and as it progressed further he was hooked on the machines which kept him alive. During his last days he was in coma.
As he was about to die any day now doctors gathered around his bed and tried to estimate how many days - if not hours - he had left. As they discussed his condition all of a sudden Prithaputra Prabhu opened his eyes, sat up in his bed and looked towards the door. -"Prabhupada, you came...", he said. Then he layed back on his bed, closed his eyes and died. Doctors later told this story to the devotees.
By Gaura Prabhu ACBSP


  1. Prithu Putra told his friend in France that Srila Prabhupada had been poisoned, and he knew who the culprits were:

    ys pd

  2. PrthuPutra and Malati left ISKCON together, (and got married) so its assumed he must have told Malati who did it.

  3. Prabhupada you came in video at this address:

  4. The goal is to chant hare krsna, indeed correct, but one should know what one wants, if you slip up, you may end up becoming demoniac while all the time thinking yourself devotee.......
    it is off track, but the lord is kind, he gives us EXACTLY what we want........ too much is going on in the name of devotion, and diluted the true mssg of srila prabhupada, cheapening the substance at its core. pls keep up the good work