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Youtube video of Prabhupadanuga's Gardens at beginning summer

Hare Krsna to all
All glories to Srila Prabhupada, Sri Krsna Caitanya's Senapati Bhakta 
Below is a short youtube video of a recent tour of the three food/flower gardens/greenhouse on our 
Sri Sri Gaura Nitai Mandir property- which is in no  way a complete list of what is growing here. 
Hare Krsna
Damaghosa das

►761102rc.vrn               Conversations
Prabhupada: How they can defeat us? We have got so solid ground. How
they can defeat, these rascals? We consider them simply rascals and
fools. And we call them rascals and fools. What do they know of
religion? What do they know of God? They know slaughterhouse and
killing and illicit sex, and killing the fetus. That's all. What do
they know? They are not even civilized. We have come to make them
civilized. They should understand
. They are not civilized. They do not
(know) how to eat even. The first principle of life is eating. They do
not know how to eat.
We are teaching them how to eat. They simply
challenge, that's... When men are uncivilized, they do not how to grow
they kill animals in the jungle and eat. When they are
civilized, they know how to grow food now and the nice food grains,
fruit, flowers
, now why should say, "You eat the meat." The
meat-eating is meant for the most uncivilized persons. That means they
do not know even how to eat. They do not know how to eat. ...
►760912rc.vrn               Conversations
Prabhupada: No, they're thinking that so many people are coming to the
cities, how we shall provide them? That's a problem. After all
government has to supply them rations. Where is so much foodstuff? And
if they are not supplied, then there will be resentment. That's a
fact. What they are doing in the city, so many scooter (makes motor
sound), going here and there. Actually no engagement. The girls are
loitering in the street by dressing. It will become more and more
problems, city life. So this is the solution, that they must go back
to the village.
But they are trained up to enjoy the facilities,
so-called facilities, of the city. They are not going to village. But
if we can introduce this hari-sankirtana, and if they have little
taste, that is success. It's a great program. And that taste will
come--ceto-darpana-marjanam. If he simply becomes little sober that "I
want to eat, I have to sleep, I want some sense enjoyment and defense.
So if I can get easily in the village, why shall I go three hundred
miles away?
Just keep in mind the psychology.
So that simple life will be possible if one is bhakta.
Bhaktih paresanubhavo viraktir anyatra
syat. Only by devotion. Not by otherwise
. Not by artificial means, by
manufacturing toilet. Only bhakti. If they get little attachment for
Krsna the questions will be solved automatically. And they will be
►761102rc.vrn               Conversations
Prabhupada: No, we don't care for Indians and Europeans. We care for
Krsna, that's all. I didn't care for anyone. I simply care ... s
protection, that's all. That is wanted. Guru-krsna-krpaya paya
bhakti-lata-bija. We want two favours. One from guru, one from Krsna.
That's all. We don't want anyone's favour.                Conversations                446983/530501
Prabhupada: :So people are being trained up to become mad, pramattah.
And do anything, bring money. This is the modern civilization. Nunam
pramattah kurute vikarma. Things which are forbidden, they are doing
that. Why? Indriya-pritaya aprnoti, only for sense gratification. They
have no other ambition. Bring money and gratify senses. This is modern
civilization. This is the exact explanation--nunam pramattah kurute
vikarma. Black money, white money, this money, that..., never mind,
bring money.
Indian Doctor: (laughter) By any way.
Prabhupada: Yes, this is modern civilization. Big man, big rich man
means bring money some way or other. This is big man. This is
Kali-yuga. Because if you have got money, you have got respect, you
have got honor, you are recognized. So therefore they are after money.
Bring money, that's all right. When I shall get money, I may have done
black money, force money, this money, nobody will remember it. Bas.
This is modern civilization.
Bring money and enjoy sense. Nunam
pramattah kurute vikarma. What for it is, struggle so much working
hard? Yad indriya-pritaya. Only for the satisfaction of the senses.
They have no other ambition. Because most of them, they do not believe
there is next life. Most of them, 99.9 percent, they do not believe.
Big, big professor, I have talked with so many big, big men in Europe.
760817iv.hyd                Conversations                447289/530501
Interviewer (5): You have some project here. Can you kindly explain
what is that?
Prabhupada: Our project is Bhagavad-gita, learn Bhagavad-gita and
apply it practically in your life.
►760817iv.hyd               Conversations
Prabhupada: Our project is Krsna consciousness. Come here, live
peacefully, keep your body fit, and work for yourself, you produce
your own food, you produce your own cloth, don't be very much anxious
for artificial necessities, and save time, and be advanced in spiritual life.

►760731r2.par               Conversations
... little cottages, grow little vegetable, little barley or wheat and
milk. That is sufficient. We don't require much. We don't want luxury.
We want just to subsist
. Yavad artha prayojana. We hate the idea of
luxury, unnecessary.
►770527rc.vrn                                            Conversations
...  There will be more water for gardening, and it will be moist, and
then produce fodder for the animals and food for you. And animal gives
you milk. That is ... .. Don't bother about big, big buildings. It is
not required. Useless waste of time
. Produce. Make the whole field
green. See that. Then whole economic question solved. Then you eat ...
is beneficial. Even the stool is beneficial. Therefore I am asking so
much here and..., "Farm, farm, farm, farm..."
That is not my
program--Krsna's program.
Annad bhavanti bhutani. Produce greenness
everywhere, everywhere. Vrndavana.
It is not this motorcar

►760120mw.may               Conversations
Prabhupada: A devotee will never accept materialism, even if he dies
of starvation. You'll see so many still. They are sticking ... that.
They don't care for any bodily care. "Some food comes; I shall eat.
Never mind
." Still you'll find. They are sitting in their place and
chanting or meditating ...
Prabhupada: Hm? Yes. So you have to preach all over the world that
"You are simply wasting time by so many department of knowledge. You
are so foolish, rascal." Srama eva hi kevalam. Simply wasting time. I
think I explained that to that gentleman last morning? He said in one
hour, two hour you should devote... Not two hour. Twenty-four hour.
Did I not say?
Yes. Because that is the only business. We have no
other business. Our Society is practically demonstrating that this is
the only business and no other business. We therefore do not try even
to earn our livelihood. That is the natural instinct of every animal.
But we do not try even for that. Is it not?
Prabhupada: Yes. Let them see practically. We are not busy how to go
to the office, how to the business place. We are not interested. We
are simply interested for mangala arati, for class, for chanting,
dancing. That's all. Practically see. We are not going to any office
or any business.
►760731rc.par               Conversations
Prabhupada: Vasan danto guror hitam.
The beginning of life is how to
become cent percent obedient to guru.
That is Gurukula. That training
should be given. The whole process is that our life will be successful
when we strictly follow guru and Krsna
. Guru means Krsna; Krsna means
guru. Not Mayavada, but guru means one who follows Krsna, he is guru.
►761102rc.vrn               Conversations
Prabhupada: No, we don't care for Indians and Europeans. We care for
Krsna, that's all. I didn't care for anyone. I simply care ... s
protection, that's all. That is wanted. Guru-krsna-krpaya paya
bhakti-lata-bija. We want two favours. One from guru, one from Krsna.
That's all. We don't want anyone's favour.
731125SB.LON                   Lectures                  216069/530501
   So our Krsna consciousness movement is not a sentimental movement.
It takes care of all-found social organization. It is not something
like religious sentiment. Everything should be take care of. Therefore
we say cow protection, cow protection. Here it is said, kamam vavarsa
parjanyah sarva-kama-dugha mahi. Mahi means land, bhumi. Agnir mahi
gaganam ambu marud-disah... Mahi. This is mahi. In another,
Brahma-samhita, it is said, mahi.
                agnir mahi gaganam ambu marud-disas ca
                kalas tathatma-manasiti jagat-trayani
              yasmad bhavanti vibhavanti visanti yam ca
                govindam adi-purusam tam aham bhajami
This mahi word is used there is Vedas, Brahma-samhita. What is that
mahi? Agnir mahi. You require fire. You require land. You require sky.
Agnir mahi gaganam ambu. You require water. Agnir mahi gaganam ambu
marut. You require air. You require space. These are requirements.
Agnir mahi gaganam ambu marud-disas ca kalas tathatma. Atma, atma
means this body, atma means the mind, and atma means the soul. So in
the Brahma-samhita you see, agnir mahi gaganam ambu marud-disas ca
kalas tathatma-manasiti jagat-trayani yasmad bhavanti. Yasmad
bhavanti. All these things, wherefrom they are coming? They do not
know. Can the scientist say wherefrom so much water has come, so vast
ocean, seas? But it has come from Krsna. Krsna says in the
                        bhumir apo 'nalo vayuh
                       kham mano buddhir eva ca
                          ahankara itiyam me
                       bhinna prakrtir astadha
Bhinna me prakrtih. It is Krsna's energy, Krsna's energy.
   So the mahi, the land, the land is there. Just like in America or
in Australia there are so much land. In Africa, so much land lying
vacant. But they do not know that this land can produce all the needs
of life. Sarva-kama-dugha mahi. Sarva-kama, whatever you want.
Actually we are getting... Just like this Western civilization has
created so may slaughterhouse for eating purposes. But wherefrom they
are getting? From mahi, from the land. If there is no pasturing
ground, grazing ground, wherefrom they will get the cows and the
bulls? That is also... Because there is grass on the land and the cows
and bulls eat them, therefore they grow. Then you cut their throat,
civilized man, and eat, you rascal civilized man. But you are getting
from the mahi, from the land. Without land, you cannot. Similarly,
instead of cutting the throat of the cows, you can grow you food. Why
you are cutting the throat of the cows? After all, you have to get
from the mahi, from the land. So as they are, the animal which you are
eating, they are getting their eatables from the land. Why don't you
get your eatables from the land? Therefore it is said,
sarva-kama-dugha mahi. You can get all the necessities of your life
from land. So dugha means produce. You can produce your food. Some
land should be producing the foodstuff for the animals, and some land
should be used for the production of your foodstuffs, grains, fruits,
flowers, and take milk. Why should you kill these innocent animals?
You take. You keep them muda, happy, and you get so much milk that it
will moist, it will make wet the ground. This is civilization. This is
   That was being maintained during the time of Maharaja Yudhisthira.
That is being described. Maharaja Yudhisthira maintained this standard
of civilization. Just see how the economic problems will be solved
simply by one movement, this Krsna consciousness movement.
Try to     understand. Mahi.
Because mahi will produce everything. Just like here
in this Letchmore Heath there are so many, so much land lying vacant.
You produce you own food. Why you are going to London, to the        
factories? There is no need. This is wrong civilization. Here is land.
You produce your food. If you produce your food, there is no need of 
going hundred miles, fifty miles on your motorcycle or motor to earn 
your livelihood. Why? There is no need. Then you require petrol. And 
petrol there is scarcity. Then you require so many parts, so many That
means you are making the whole thing complicated unnecessarily.      
Unnecessarily. There is no need. Simply you keep to the land and     
produce your food, and the cows are there. They will supply you milk.
Then where is your economic problems. If you have sufficient grains, 
sufficient vegetables, sufficient milk from the land where you are   
living, where your economic problem? Why you should go to other place?
That is Vedic civilization. Everyone should remain in the spot and   
produce everything as he requires, and God will help you. Because you
can produce from the land anywhere. The rainfall is there. If you have
got land and the rainfall is regular, then you can produce anything.
 Kamam vavarsa parjanyah. And how the rainfall will be possible? How 
regular rainfall? That is described in the Bhagavata. Yajnad bhavati
parjanyah parjanyad anna-sambhavah

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