Monday, 10 June 2013

Varnashram walk tapes are edited

Padmagarbha dasa

From a facebook post by Bhakta Peterg

Varnasrama Walk Tapes Are Edited:
Prabhupada said that in 1974 on the varnasrama walks in Vrndavana. Those varnasrama walks are very heavy. When I published that book in 1974 called the Varnasrama Walks, I edited out statements that Prabhupada made about Vaisnavas having to kill demons, Vaisnavas dealing with blacks or other minority races, because they are very heavy statements. Also, Krsna Kanti was releasing the tapes. So I told Krsna Kanti, you can keep the master, the original but you have to make a new master for duplication with the same editing that I am doing on the walks. You can't release this even on a tape. It's too heavy. And I had remembered that Prabhupada said, If they knew what I was thinking they would have me killed. And someone else had told me Prabhupada once said, If they knew what I was thinking they would put me in jail. So having that in my mind, the general tapes that ere distributed to the Society on those varnasrama walks in about four places are edited. Things were taken out. Just a few sentences here and there, about four places. So that means there were two masters, one the original and one for the duplication. So I don't know which versions Gurupada and the biography staff has to work off of. Probably the second version. Prabhupada had revealed a lot of very heavy things at those varnasrama walks about a future Krsna conscious government, an army under a Krsna conscious government, conquering the world for Krsna. He revealed very heavy things in addition to his vision for varnasrama.

[4:40:37 AM] Robin: More nectar:
Pushing the Crazy Christian Into The Pool:
Baladeva Vidyabhusana: The boy who pushed him in the pool.
Ramesvara: Some crazy, mad Christian had been following us the whole route, holding the sign. We were all annoyed because he was shouting out, Repent sinners! Pagan religion! The whole thing. So when Prabhupada was on the stage, in the middle of the It was a cement park. It wasnt grass. There was this pool and the guy stood on the ledge that bordered the whole pool and with his sign was shouting and screaming and Prabhupada was on the stage. One boy just became overwhelmed. This person is offending Prabhupada. Right in front of Prabhupada he is doing this. And he just took off like a football fullback or tackle, and with a full charge. And we were all on the stage with Prabhupada and we were watching it. Prabhupada was watching it and his devotees were watching it. The devotee just didn't slow down as he approached the person, but he picked up speed, held his arms in front of him like a football tackle and just rammed into him and the guy went flying in the air backwards and landed on his back in the pool and we all saw it. We looked at Prabhupada and Prabhupada beamed, he smiled. I think that the most important incident for me, took place when we were getting ready to leave. I already mentioned that scene where me and Radhaballabha came and showed Prabhupada the book? We were holding it behind our backs. Is that on the tape?
Baladeva Vidyabhusana: No. You mean the Seventh Canto?



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