Monday, 24 June 2013

REAL pocket size Bhagavad-gita As It Is soon for Distribution

ALL 700 plus verses with Sanskrit, Translation and full purports. ALSO all 44 original paintings.

Pocket size Bhagavad-gita As It Is will be soon available  for Distribution .
All glories to Jita Rati prabhu for making it happen.

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  1. Jai Prabhus!

    I hope that finally the change that His Divine Grace wanted(see below) to verse 18/44 from "cattle raising' to "cow protection" has finally been done(after 37 years) as well as the open-to-abuse word "business" to "trade" as per his word for word, and as he explained many times during the last 18 months of his conversations.

    The word "business" for a true vaisya cannot be applied to the trading, buying or selling of products produced with machines while the bull remains unemloyed and ultimately killed.

    Even a true sudra eats milk and grains from the vaisya protecting cows and bulls by exchanging his his labor or products of secondary necessity such as weaving, blacksmithing etc .

    The true ksatriya subsists only on the tax of THAT foodstuff by giving protection to that real vaisya, and the true brahmana learns,teaches and directs those occupations according to sastra(as directed by His Divine Grace)and lives on the charity of THAT foodstuff (or what is produced naturally by nature)which is what His Divine Grace finally desired himself.

    Below are just some examples:

  2. Room Conversation(2) January 3, 1977, Bombay

    Prabhupäda: Yes, Pälikä. (break), that requires so many other things. But if you take to agriculture you can do it immediately.

    Kåñi-go-rakñya. That...

    We are going to do that. Kåñi... This is beginning, family life, maintenance, body and soul together. This is the beginning.

    Business is there when there is excess.


    First of all you take care of the cows and engage yourself in agricultural products.

    Then when there is excess production, you trade, get some money for other purposes. But you...

    Agriculture means you work for producing food. That is wanted.

    Why immediately go to trade?

    Trade is required when there is excess product.

    Everything is there. Kåñi-go-rakñya. And the kåñi you can produce independently. You simply work. You have got your hands and legs. You till the ground and throw some seed, and it will come. One kilo seeds, you'll get one hundred mounds.

    Then, when the product is excess, you trade.

    Everything is there. If you produce food grain, you'll eat nicely and you'll be strong.

    You'll be able to work more. Our point is take Kåñëa's instruction.

    Everything will be perfect.

    Not that Kåñëa is advising immediately sarva-dharmän parityajya.

    For that stage you are not prepared. That I know.

    But in your present stage what you'll do, that is perfect.

    Giriräja: You mean I should leave everything and start a farm?

    Prabhupäda: Where is the question of leaving?

    Agriculture... You take to agriculture--that means you leave everything?

    Giriräja: Well, what I have now.

    Prabhupäda: And what you have got? You are asking that "I require now food."

    That means you have nothing. You have no food even... (break)

    Live very comfortably, eat very comfortably and work. Chant Hare Kåñëa.

    Simply wasting time, the civilization... çrama eva hi kevalam. Working hard and wasting valuable time of... Misguided. Andhä yathändhair upanéya... When I think of their position... So every Vaiñëava should be para-duùkha-duùkhé...Krpambudhir yas tam aham prapadye. The unhappy for the unhappiness of others. They love them, unhappy without Krsna consciousness. This is a fact. The rascal may agree or not agree. That's a fact. Ghostly haunted.


  3. Room Conv (2) Jan 8, 1977 Bombay
    ...take agriculture, you must keep cows.

    Both of them are related.

    Giriräja: Together.

    Prabhupäda: The cow will be subsisting on the grass, and refused things he'll take. And the substance YOU take. And even if does not give milk, the stool is useful.

    And you get food GROWN BY the COWS and BULLS and MILK. (Ed: OUR milk)


    So by mutual COOPERATION



    Chant Hare Kåñëa.

    Why you are bothered?
    Giriräja: No bother.



  4. TKG’s Diary May 29th 1977 entry:

    This afternoon, Kértanänanda Mahäräja took Çréla Prabhupäda's feet and began massaging them. Prabhupäda instructed him,

    "Castrate the bulls when they are young, so they will be docile and can be

    used for CARRYING.

    No machines or trucks,

    which are D E A T H PERSONIFIED

    No need for electricity

    or speedy traveling.

    The farm projects are

    most important."

    Then Kértanänanda took leave.

    Your servant,
    Gopinatha acarya das brahmacari

    Morning Walk April 21, 1976, Melbourne

    Prabhupäda: One thing immediately inform Rämeçvara. In the Bhagavad-gétä yesterday they have edited "cattle-raising." But not cattle-raising. Cattle-raising means to grow and killing. That is the.... Means the rascals, they have edited.
    Puñöa Kåñëa: Yeah, and we're.... (interference)
    Prabhupäda: And "protection of cows," clearly.
    Guru-kåpä: Chapter Eighteen, Bhagavad-gétä, that the vaiçyas work...
    Puñöa Kåñëa: Oh, kåñi-go-rakñya.
    Prabhupäda: Ah, kåñi-go-rakñya. Immediately inform them.
    Puñöa Kåñëa: Okay. I noticed that also. I thought it was strange, some time back. (break)
    Prabhupäda: Hayagréva edited. He thought, "cattle-raising." Not "cattle-raising," but the word.... There.... It is mistranslation. It is go-rakñya, "giving protection to the cows." Especially mentioned, go-rakñya, not otherwise. The animal-eaters may take other animals, but not cow. They can take the pig, goats, lambs, rabbits, so many others, if they at all want to eat meat, birds, these so many. There is no such mention that "Animals should be protected," no. "Cows should be protected." That is Kåñëa's order. (break) They have decided to kill the cow. They have decided, "No brain. Eat." And our prayer is go-brähmaëa-hitäya ca, "to do good to the brähmaëas and the cows." Actually it is revolutionary to the modern age. But how it is possible we say otherwise?