Friday, 27 July 2012

“Varnashrama System Must Be Introduced”

“Prabhupada: Vaishnava is not so easy. The varnashrama-dharma should be established to become a Vaishnava. It is not so easy to become Vaishnava.
Hari-sauri: No, it’s not a cheap thing.
Prabhupada: Yes. Therefore this should be made. Vaishnava, to become Vaishnava, is not so easy. If Vaishnava, to become Vaishnava is so easy, why so many fall down, fall down? It is not easy. The sannyasa is for the highest qualified brahmana. And simply by dressing like a Vaishnava, that is… fall down. . . . .”
Room Conversation, February 14, 1977, Mayapur:

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  1. nice timely posts. Prabhupad said things for us to understand way after he left us physically.Refreshing to be guided still...AGTSP