Friday, 6 July 2012

Prabhupadanugas IHF Sunnyvale center

H.G Madhu Pandit Das visits IHF Sunnyvale 


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  1. abhaya carana seva das • pamho prabhus agtACBSP,of course this center is been blessed by being connected with the real iskcon institution left by SRILA PRABHUPADA in this world , we can see the spontaneous smile of the real devotees in those not ordinary pictures especially that of the embassador of the only bona fide vaikunta embassy in iskcon bangalore temple HG madhu pandit prabhu,yes we need to make more maha rati good soldiers of SRI SRI GURU GAURANGA by following the instructions of our beloved acharya otherwise maya devi immediately will catch us,a pukka maha rati make another pukka maha rati therefore we should associate with those devotees who are closer to SRILA PRABHUPADA then us and not sharing asat-sanga with those who are envious of HIM by taking HIM for a ordinary person as happens to all the fiasco of fiskcon kangoorus zonal acharyas,we prabhupadanugas are glad to see the real centres,farm,govinda,preaching activities to get any corner of the globe because in the material world everything is meant to forget krsna that's the natural tendency of the maya world therefore SRILA PRABHUPADA used to say when we forget krsna is material life the most dangerous moment nobody is there able to help because everyone is bind up by the rope of the maya samsara since time immemorial passed up down from all the fourteen ghostly planetary systems of this ekamsena stitho jagat fake reflection of the truth, we can call any demigods nobody comes to rescue us but ananyas cintayanto mam ye janah paryupasate,for the devotees who focus all the thoughts in the ever flesh asamaurdhvam personal form of SRI SYAMA-SUNDARAM things stop to go wrong and the krsna smarana gets stronger day after day by making spiritual wealth in the paravyoma as HG madhu pandit prabhu is doing by travelling and preaching the real iskcon brhat mrdanga in all the prabhupadanugas temples around the world,thank you for posting these wonderful pictures windows of the vaikunta embassy, is a spiritual pleasure to see the real iskcon preaching activities to get everywhere thank you for your sat-sanga agtys ys haribol