Friday, 30 November 2012

GBC Society of West Bengal

 Roupa Manjari devi dasi

Chandra dasa: Could you kindly elaborate West Bengal GBC, why not the total GBC why just West Bengal?
Roupa Manjari devi dasi: One would think that the “GBC Society of West Bengal” would be the GBC in West Bengal, or India, but in fact, ALL of the “GBC” in the world belong to that society, a society that exists outside of ISKCON, just as the Vatican, although it is in a foreign land (Vatican City, actually Italy), rules the Catholic Churches that are situated in every country around the world.

The “GBC Society of West Bengal” took on the title of “Ultimate Ecclesiastical Authority” of ISKCON (we will link you to their Bylaws), with their “eyes wide open”. The GBC had observed how the Catholic Church in Los Angeles was able to prevent the law enforcement from accessing their records concerning the abuse of children, due to fact that their “ecclesiastical” status allowed them to exist, to a surprising degree, outside of the American legal system, which lacks the power to seize their records.
All the ISKCON Temples in the world are currently under the “GBC Society of West Bengal”, just as the Catholic Church is “ruled” from Rome by the Pope and his Cardinals.
It remains to be seen if this unelected GBC, who “outsourced” themselves to avoid prosecution for present and future crimes, can actually maintain the sham of actually being an ecclesiastical body in the same manner as the Catholic Church. The attorneys setting up this status for the “GBC Society of West Bengal” warned them that if it could be proved even in one instance that they did NOT have an actual ecclesiastical structure, that their whole “house of cards” could come crashing down on them, because then the law enforcement would have full access to their hidden records.
This is the game that is being played, and it is being played on such a high level within the artificial hierarchy of the present non-elected GBC, that practically no one is aware of what is going on.
In the United States, practically all of the Temple Presidents (a few refused) were forced to sign an Oath of Allegiance to the “GBC Society of West Bengal”, using the exact language that Srila Prabhupada formulated for an Oath of Allegiance, which He forced all the GBCs to sign in 1976, to prevent their “out and out” rebellion against Him. Apparently, very few Temples outside of the United States have been made to sign the Oath of Allegiance to the West Bengal GBC Society, but certainly that must be their very next goal, although some individual disciples of the bogus gurus have been forced to sign.
If you read the Bylaws of the “West Bengal GBC Society”, you will see for yourself how they have made an “end run” on any authority that may remain in ISKCON that was manifested by Srila Prabhupada in ISKCON.
The “GBC Society of West Bengal” have declared themselves to be a secret society, and they have rules and bylaws of their own, which are not available for any devotees or Temple Presidents to see.
Once you have become familiar with the “GBC Society of West Bengal” Bylaws, please feel free to share them with anyone who has the type of mind to understand such things.

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