Monday, 16 January 2012

For a Human being it is not possible!

 Compiled by Damaghosa Dasa
Prabhupada: Are you reading sometimes my books? Which one?
George Harrison: Mainly Krsna.
Prabhupada: That is the main book. (laughs)
George Harrison: Mukunda gave me the new books, but there's so much in, ah, there's just so much to read.
Prabhupada: Philosophy.
George Harrison: I don't know how anybody could have written it, it's difficult enough to read all that amount.
Prabhupada: Sometimes they are surprised how one man can write so many books, but it is Krsna's grace.Otherwise not possible. Human being, it is not possible.
(Srila Prabhupada Room conversations 29th Oct 1975 Nairobi)

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