Friday, 23 December 2011

Srila Prabhupada's letters about deity worship!

"Wherever there are Deities there must be first class care, arati, bhoga, cleanliness, dressing, regular classes"- letter to Hamsaduta,12 October, 1973

"There is no need of adding further Deities. Once installed it cannot be changed. Do not make it childish, too much addition of Deities will encumber us. "-letter to Karandara,31 March, 1973 "

When the large Deities are installed, the small Deities should be worshiped as Vijaya Vigraha which means this pair of Deities may go outside the Temple with sankirtan party in a small car, not always, but conveniently"-letter to Gopala Krishna,March 16, 1970

"Now you finish your old birth with the fire of Krishna consciousness. Worship Krishna with love. If you love Krishna, you will worship Him very nicely. And if you get Krishna, then what more can you want? That is the qualification for Deity worship."-letter to Vajresvari devi dasi:7 October, 1974

"Because we are engaged in warfare with the forces of Maya there will be casualties. We should be prepared to protect the Deities and always expect Krishna's Mercy, because we are always dependent on Him and we cannot do anything on our own without Him."-letter to Makhanlal,Friday, 22 June, 1973 "

I have placed one picture of Radha Giridhari on my desk and I am always admiring the beautiful decoration and the transcendental beauty of these deities. So if you can maintain and increase this standard in deity worship, everything will come out successfully."-letter to NrsimhaCaitanya,Wednesday, 5 June, 1974

"Under all circumstances you must remain in the association of devotees. Continue to make nice milk preparations for the Deities. When I come in the spring I will be glad to accept them three times a day."-letter to Parvati,Friday, 27 December, 1974

"Your first business is to take care of the Deities. Practically you see that everyone is appreciating your Deity worship and Srimati Radharani is smiling, so it is a great credit for you, so continue this engagement"-letter to Himavati,April 26, 1970

"All our girl devotees should be expert in Arcana and cooking. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. We shall touch the altar and Deity in very clean condition, so this point should be very carefully observed, then you will advance very quickly to the perfectional stage of Krishna Consciousness."-letter to Kancanbala,April 20, 1970

"That makes the home pure, body pure, mind pure, and quickly promotes one to the pure spiritual platform. Perfection in Deity worship is called Arcana Siddhi, that simply by Deity worship one goes back to Godhead, immediately after this life."-letter to Himavati,March 18, 1969

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