Sunday, 25 December 2011


compiled bygaurangasundar dasa

"Regarding your collecting is concerned, persons who donate
should not receive membership for such donation, membership is
different. 50% should go each to the temple fund and to my book
fund. For the 50% put into my book fund, yes, they may receive
credit for our book program; why not?" (SPL to Jayapataka Maharaja,
November 15th, 1970)
"Now the most important point is to recruit life members as
many as possible. Please let me know how many you have made.
The money received from the life membership fees should be divided into
two: 50% for building fund and 50% for my book fund. By
distribution of our books and literatures through this program of
life membership, our institution can become greater and greater all
over the world." (SPL to Dayananda, February 8th, 1971)
"All book sale proceeds should be immediately transferred
by mail. 50% should go to the book fund account and 50% to the
building fund account. The building fund account number is 9-381,
Central Bank, head office. The book fund account number is
14538, Central Bank, Gowalia Tank
branch, Bombay." (SPL to Ksirodakasayi, April 21st, 1971)
"From book sales at least 50% of the face value of the book
has to go to the book fund. And from the sales of the Back to Godhead
at least one rupee per magazine should be paid to the book
fund. So whatever remains after this can be utilized by you to do
the publishing." (SPL to Kslrodakasayi, January 3rd, 1972)
"Please accept my most humble obeisances at your feet. Prabhupa-da
just spoke with me regarding the distribution of foreign (other
than English) language literature. His direction is that 10% of the
gross income on the sales of all of our literatures, books, and magazines,
should be sent to The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust.

The BBT is financing many world-wide projects for the Society, and therefore
all income from literature distribution should contribute and support
it. Please therefore make the necessary arrangements. A simple way to
accomplish this would be to figure at the end of each month what your
gross (total, before subtracting production costs and overhead) income
from the sale of literature was for that month, calculate 10% of this
figure, and send this to BBT in care of myself in Los Angeles. I know
that you will understand that this subsidy will greatly facilitate the
growth of Society-wide programs and everyone will benefit. From your
local view it may appear to be an imposition, but I assure you that
overall it is in the interest of Lord Caitanya's movement. Regarding
your regular remittance, it will be left solely to your integrity and
'for the overall benefit' conscientiousness. I am sure you will do the
needful. Also, regarding the sale of translations to outside publishers
(which we hope to do with the Bhagavad-glta As It
Is for Spanish, French, and German) 50% will go to the local center which
did the actual translating and 50% will go to the Book Trust, as per
Prabhupada's directions.
If you have any questions or points to make, please correspond with me.
Your Servant,
dasa Adhikari
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada." (SPL to temple
presidents, September 16th, 1972)
"Begarding money collected, do not keep this money. Immediately
spend on printing books. Perhaps we may require money
for building purposes. This should be strictly followed: 50% for
printing and 50% for building. No money should be invested for
any business purposes. He may require $100,000 for this purpose. Let
me know if it is possible. I think it is possible but I want to hear
from you." (SPL to Ramesvara, 13th August, 1974)
"Now you publish in German language all our books and distribute,
Krsna will help you in every respect. The BBT collection should be spent
50% for publishing books and 50% for construction of temples.

At the present moment the Mayapur-Vrndavana projects are going on, so
as soon as there is an excess of money it should be utilized here. Not
a single farthing should be invested in any business enterprise. Formerly
it was so done without any sanction. So be careful. Regarding printing,
you can print in USA or any other country. UK also has big presses,
I have heard that Belgium is also good. Also Holland, and Germany is
also good." (SPL to Hamsaduta dasa, 7th September, 1974)

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