Sunday, 9 December 2012

Prabhupadanugas Sedro Woolley Wa USA Videos

Govardhan puja festival Sedro woolley Wa 2012
This is the first kirtan during arotik. GovardhanMountain is made out of halava, couscous, green tomato cake, bean pate, a lake of sweet rice and lots of other delectables.....
And of course GiriHari-Govardhana silas--several of Them, sits atop it all....

The second video of the Govardastakam bhajan sung by Radharani devi dasi from Vancouver.
There are several ways to sing this song, and this is an upbeat version , nicely done.
Kanhaiya das and his family brought many home made ghee wick lamps for the devotees
to offer to Lord Damodara...

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