Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Fear is not a Factor for a person in Krsna Consciousness!

Vidura Dasa

"Regarding your prediction of cataclysmic earthquakes in this side of your country, your fear of my life is certainly natural. I was pet child of my father whom I lost in 1930, and since then nobody was taking care of me as affectionate son. But Krishna has sent me so many fathers to take care of me in a far distant place in USA. So I am fortunate enough that you are all so anxious, but we must always depend on Krishna. Rest assured that this nonsense idea of cataclysmic earthquakes will never take place. And even if it takes place, why should we be afraid of it? As soon as there is sign of such earthquake, we shall sit down together and chant Hare Krishna. So it will be a great opportunity of meeting death while chanting Hare Krishna.
If one dies on sound condition of body and mind chanting Hare Krishna, he is the most fortunate man. There is a proverb in which it is said, "My dear royal prince, please do not die. My dear Brahmacari, you die immediately. My dear saintly person, you die or live it is all the same. My dear butcher, you do not die and do not live.'' So we are neither butcher nor royal prince, some of us are Brahmacaris, and some of us are supposed to be saintly persons, so if the Brahmacaris die, he immediately goes to Vaikuntha, and if the saintly person dies, he is all the same—he is engaged here in Krishna's work, and he will be engaged in Krishna's work there also. So don't bother about this earthquake business. Chant Hare Krishna peacefully and do your duty nicely. Of course, if there is such danger, I must take care like others. It is not good however unnecessarily risk my life, but I think the predictions given by so many astrologers are not very sound. I take your advice that as soon as there are series of minor tremors I must leave for your shelter."
Letter to: Rayarama -- Los Angeles 19 November, 1968

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