Monday, 30 April 2012

Where is the Order?

Prabhupada: When I order, "You become guru," he becomes regular guru. That's all. He becomes disciple of my disciple. That's it. (Srila Prabhupada's May 28, 1977 ISKCON Governing Board Commission (GBC) meeting.)

Harinama dasa :[Here Srila Prabhupada clearly concludes his reply to Tamal and says that his disciples can become regular guru and accept their own disciples only when he orders them to. This clearly indicates that he did not yet give the specific order for his disciples to become regular (diksa) gurus and accept their own disciples in ISKCON in this meeting. He already repeatedly confirmed this fact with his prior repudiation (four times) in reply to Satsvarupa's original question on what the GBC were to do for 1st and 2nd initiations "when you no longer are with us" as already pointed out. So it is inconceivable that he changes his mind in replying to what is essentially the same question from Tamal vis-a vis, "Whose disciples are they?". Tamal's misunderstanding of this crucial meeting was later confirmed in the 1980 Topanga Canyon guru meeting detailed in subsection II.A. Unfortunately as secretary, his deviation was also written into the minutes of the May 28, 1977 meeting.
Furthermore, if someone tells you, "When I order, you jump off the cliff" would you jump? OF COURSE NOT! Clearly, Srila Prabhupada's use of the word "when" indicates that he did not yet give that order. A month later in his July 9, 1977 worldwide communique (given below) he gave his final orders on future initiations for Iskcon wherein he named 11 disciples to act as "ritvik representatives of the acarya" to initiate future disciples on his behalf "henceforward".] 

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