Thursday, 8 March 2012

Sri Gaurachandra’s Beauty

Sri Jadunandan das Thakur
“Just see the splendor of Sri Gourachandra’s beauty! Nothing can compare with it – the golden yellow turmeric, Haritâl , golden lotus, or even a cluster of motionless lightning!”

“The devotees style his curly locks in a ‘Chudâ’ and decorate it with garlands of Mallikâ and Mâlati flowers. They draw a beautiful ‘urddha-tilak’ on His forehead that makes Him look all the more attractive. His eyes reach the ears and they are so beautiful that they seem to shoot arrows from beneath His bow-like eyebrows that make crores of Kâmdev faint in bewilderment.”

“His cheeks shine like golden moons; they look even more beautiful when they reflect His crocodile-shaped ear-rings dangling playfully from His ears. His lips are rosy like berries and His teeth are like rows of pearls. Whenever He parts His lips to laugh it seems as if He is pouring out Nectar.”

“His hips are slim like that of a lion, His shoulders are as broad as those of an elephant and His arms are like gold-chains. His palms are Ambrosial like red-lotus and His nails are dazzling. Besides He dons a gem-studded necklace that makes Him look all the more majestic.”

“How do the devotees decorate Him? They put a Mâlati garland that nestles close to His bosom while a thin sacrificial thread goes across His belly. His navel is deep like a lake and a line of hair travels upwards like a serpentess. All this makes Him look like a heart-stealing Love-god.”

“His hips are slim like that of a lion and decorated with tinkling gold kinkini and red-bordered sash. His thighs are like the trunk of golden banana-tree, while His feet are the Gurus of the Art of Dancing. Moreover they are adorned with beautiful gem anklets.”

“The front pleats of His dhoti (konchâ) look as striking as a host of diaphanous red lotuses arranged in a semi-circle. It sways on His feet in such a manner that even Munis lose their concentration. His gait is so stylish that it puts an elephant to shame.”

“And how are His toes? They are just like champak-buds with sparkling toenails of unsurpassed beauty. And beneath that lie the kokanad – that which mesmerizes all creation – may the bee-like heart of Poet Jadunandan remain intoxicated therein.”

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